Reaction to portrayal of Cancerians in the book Cosmic Coupling by Starsky&Cox

This book doesn’t talk about the Cancerians with vicious or violent tempers, the ones who are too embittered or hurt to give their hearts away easily or the ones who have walled their hearts off from nearly everyone. It doesn’t talk about their tendency to sulk and withdraw and snap and hide away in their shells and refusing to talk to anyone – even their own mothers – if they’re not in the mood. It doesn’t talk about the Cancerians who scream “GET out of my life” or “EAT shit and DIE motherfucker”  I am here to tell you that each and every one of those kinds of Cancerians exists.

Starsky & Cox seem to have forgotten about the Lunar deities behind the Moon children – Hecate, Medea, Circe, Artemis/Diana or the mother goddesses Demeter and Kali.  (Read up on how Erysichthon fared when he offended Demeter. Or how Acteon fared when Artemis was offended). They seem to have forgotten what Penny Junor pointed out “the moon too has a dark face.” There is a part of the Cancerian that is forever inaccessible, invisible, untouchable, and unknowable.

The passive and agreeable Cancerian does exist, but it would be ridiculous to suggest that we’re all like that all the time, or that we’re eager doormats willing to let anyone run roughshod over us.

This is the sign of Amanda Knox, Lizzie Borden, Paul Vario, Mike Tyson, O.J. Simpson, Leona Helmsley, Nancy Reagan, Andrea Yates, John Dillinger, IK Enemkpali and George W. Bush. Yes. The Cancerian can be a very doting lover, but you’d be a fool to think Mr. or Ms. Cancer never makes a few demands of his or her own.

The authors have glossed over how difficult we Cancerians can make the lives of lovers who displease us – we can pack their bags and send them on very long guilt trips, withdraw our love and affection completely and/or sulk and snap for untold lengths of time. Starsky & Cox don’t tell you that while Cancerians cater to their lovers’ whims or make themselves indispensable to their intended, that it can often be a form of manipulation or control. They also don’t tell you just how underhanded the Cancerian can be to get what he or she wants.

Nor does the Cancerian  have to attack another directly either, but instead may enlist the aid of others by trying to elicit their sympathy and/or make the targeted person look bad in the eyes of others.

The Cancerian who has given him or herself over completely to madness, hatred and evil is more dangerous than most could ever imagine. They know what’s close to your heart, and if wounded and enraged enough – will use it against an enemy in any and every way possible. They know how to exude a placid exterior and seethe silently within. Just like Medea, they are capable of torturing and killing the loved ones of an enemy right in front of him or her with relish before killing that enemy. If you find your dog or cat missing, don’t be surprised if parts of Muffy or Rover turn up in your mailbox or in your food.

The most dangerous enemy you’ll ever have is the one you don’t know exists.

I don’t recognize myself in the portraits of the passive, agreeable male painted in the couplings with other signs described here, and think anyone who tried to behave with me in some of the ways mentioned in the book  would exit my life faster than he or she entered it.