Latest Tarot reading

So, I haven’t posted here in a while, but I did feel like posting this latest Tarot/Oracle deck combination reading I did regarding the question of whether or not New York’s  escaped prisoners,Richard Matt and David Sweat would be captured.  I used the outlook spread from page 196 in Power Tarot, combining Morgan Greer and Madame Endora Fortune Cards and the cards came up like this:

1 Wolf with the 6 of wands
2 -The Knight – w Emperor
3-The Dagger with the Page of Swords reversed
4-Chalice with the 5 of Swords

Here’s a breakdown of the positional meanings for the Outlook Spread:

Card 1 – Outlook for the situation, event, or project.

Card 2 – What/who will help.

Card 3 – What this will lead to.

Card 4 – How you will feel about the outcome.
My take on this assortment is that they are likely to be betrayed or turn on each other, and will likely get caught;however, with the Knight & Emperor involved – they won’t go down without a fight – especially not the older Richard Matt – who’s the domineering one – the Dagger with the page of Swords reversed – in the position of what this leads to confirms some kind of violence before all is said and done – a young person – or possibly David Sweat – may die or be seriously injured. The Chalice with 5 of Swords in the how I will feel about this is relieved, but disappointed – which fits with a capture at a high price scenario – so it may be an innocent youth who’s hurt or killed in the crossfire.  I also expect their capture within the next 6-30 days, based on the minor arcana cards.


All Good Things-Film

If you Google this title in the news , you’ll see tons of reviews, but there are three which I’ll excerpt to compose my own – 1)”…offers a few good moments” North County Times. 2) “True crime story has unfinished quality” HeraldNet 3)”…a creepy but captivating flick” Montgomery Newspapers.

There are indeed a few good moments in this film, many of which feature Kirsten Dunst as the ill-fated Katherine McCarthy Marks. The scene of her looking despondent and disgusted while waiting for husband David in the doctor’s office is very telling the unraveling of their relationship.  Similarly, the violent reaction David has when Katherine tries to reassure him that it won’t be the way it was for him growing up when they have children.

The unfinished quality I felt from this film was a result of seeing only David Mark’s version of events as told to a jury. The audience knows well by now not to trust much of what David says, so it would have been helpful to have an alternate take, representing the director’s vision of the truth, unfold on screen, but alas, it never does.  In addition, we’re not sure exactly what prompted Katherine to have an abortion or what that does to their physical intimacy immediately afterward.  I also might have liked a bit more competitive interplay with David’s father’s & brothers to flesh out the notion that daddy dearest would simply turn his attentions elsewhere if he didn’t get what he wanted from eldest David.  Although we’re sure that the familial bond isn’t a healthy one, it might have helped to see why David turned out to be as twisted and resentful as he was.

However; I have to say that the actors assembled do give the film a creepy captivating quality, because we’re not quite sure from moment to moment how far over the edge David will go and when he’ll get caught, or how much Katherine/Katie will take.

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