CBS-Time Warner dispute-Part 2

OK. So it seemed to me that the CEOs of Time Warner & CBS simply hated each other and would rather die than give an inch. Although I still feel that way, I did a Tarot reading at about 11:25 am on 9/2/2013 to see what the chances of a quick resolution would be. I did a quick three card spread to answer yes or no to “Will the CBS-Time Warner dispute be resolved within the next 10 days?” Surprisingly enough the cards came up like this:




5 of cups – upright, 6 of Wands upright, and 6 of pentacles – upright.  Although the upright position of all three cards indicates that it WILL likely be resolved in the next 10 days- that is by 9/12/2013, and with two SIxes involved, probably within six days  or by 9/8/2013, it seems that there will be a LOT of disappointment and emotional loss involved – also – CBS will likely get more money, but guess who else will have to pay more?  Yes. You and I and the rest of the public will end up paying more- (6 of pentacles). The 6 of wands also suggests to me that some kind of new structure/arrangement has been made between CBS & Time Warner which will impact the larger Television/Cable industry.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…



CBS-Time Warner Cable Dispute – my take via the Tarot

I know, the Tarot? But with two sides as far apart as CBS & Time Warner, it’s as likely to provide an answer as any other source, regarding when/how this dispute will end.

Well on 8/25/2013 @ about 5pm EDT, I decided to consult my Rider-Waite deck of Tarot cards about the issue. I posed a straightforward Yes or No question – Would the CBS dispute be over by Sept. 9th?  – I pulled three cards – from the deck – two were reversed or upside down, and one was rightside up – meaning a qualified no.  Then I decided to get a little more information, so I used Eden Gray’s three aces spread – counting out cards into three separate piles, stopping at an ace – the third card I drew was the ace of pentacles- upright, next the ace of swords in the the second pile – the third pile had no ace, but the last card (you’re only supposed to count out 13 cards) was the four of swords reversed.

Interpretation: This is likely to be a nail-biter and a nasty dispute down to the bitter end- with both sides not being fully satisfied about money issues- don’t be surprised if the FCC or another party is brought in to resolve this via binding arbitration. It looks like it will be resolve on or around September 9th, but it’s likely to be a shaky truce with lots of hard feelings and will bring changes to the industry.