American Horror Story – Coven-Spoiler Alert!

Episode 4 of American Horror Story:Coven was wonderfully kick-ass, and the episode ended basically where it began – with Marie Laveau raising the dead to attack the witches at Ms. Robichaux’s  School for Exceptional Young Ladies in retaliation for beheading her man-made minotaur boyfriend Bastien.  If this sounds outrageously convoluted and over the top – it probably is, but it was such delicious fun to watch Angela Bassett and Jessica Lange and Gabourey Sidibe let loose with the material that many viewers will be inclined to be forgiving.

And the witches council! The witches council! The witches council!! – By now you may have some idea how fabulous I think the witches council is- headed by the incomparable Frances Conroy – she had this Anna Wintour/Edith Head thing going on and was FIERCELY in Ms. Lange’s face with accusations of murder – scrumptious dramatics – y’all 😉

By the way -spoilers alert – the next Supreme was revealed by Ryan Murphy & Aceshowbiz to be Zoe – initially dismissed by Lange’s Fiona’s as the “weakest of us”  – See – Link 1 and Link 2 

This surprised me somewhat, and part of me wanted it to be crazy-ass hill-billy swamp witch Misty Day. Now THAT would  have worked Fiona’s nerves like mad -particularly since she’s not that easy to kill 😉

Episode 4 definitely ramped up the suspense a few notches and will be fun to see where the writers take us next…


American Horror Story -Coven

I’m only three episodes into this show and totally loving it. Largely because of the incredible cast :Patti Luppone had a cameo last episode, Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett and Sarah Polley, an annoying Emma Roberts and an unpredictable Gaborney Sidibe.

American Horror Story-Coven

There’s always so much that’s going on and on American asylum and so much that could be going on I spoke with a coworker about different characters most of whom are female on this season of American horror story coven and we talked about the actresses under being under used which I think is true particularly true of Gabby Sidibe and Sarah Pauly as Cordelia and I think that although she has been a bland character thus far; having seen the remake of Carrie recently I am waiting for Cordelia’s Carrie moment when she’s a doormat no more and she strikes back, and I’m wondering if something in her will recognize that her mother Fiona as well as Fiona’s rival Marie Laveau are all that are standing in her way of having a baby and I’m wondering if the moment will come when she left wipes them both out or at least tries to;  she’s lacking the firepower now to do so, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t figure out a way to get that firepower. I see the potential of the show and its various characters now that Fiona Goode is going to be besieged by members of her own coven of witches as well as Marie Laveau and her forces, thus I’m wondering whether Cordelia will take advantage of the situation now and how she will do so; or how other characters will take advantage of the situation as well.  It’s a very political undercurrent this season…

No matter what happens, I sincerely doubt that Fiona is going to remain the Supreme witch and gain Marie Laveau’s secret formula for immortality by the end of episode 13. In fact, the seeming overconfidence of both Fiona and Marie and their belief that they know the lay of the land best, suggests to me that neither witch will prevail in the end and what they don’t know will likely hurt them…

Stay tuned.

Game of Thrones-Season 3 & Beyond Reflections

It was a stunning season by nearly all accounts, but it wasn’t until the season finale – entitled “Mhysa”, that I had an idea of where the show and the books OUGHT to go in the end. How do I think the series should end?  Drum roll…

A power marriage between Stannis Baratheon and Daenerys  Targaryen. I know, I know, Stannis is already married and Daenerys marries the ruler of Mereen, but relationships don’t always last for long in Westeros. It will be interesting to see how these two interact, and although I realize the two have and will marry others in the books thus far, I think it would make a lot of sense for these two to unite – at least in name only. It would be the marriage of the old ruler house and the new – one that the people could accept.

But there are other reasons I think this could be a winning combination –

The common threat of the White Walkers (called “The Others” in the books) as icy zombies could easily be overcome with the help of three fire-breathing dragons.

Stannis Baratheon has a religious zealot  who worships a god of fire and light in his corner, a faith which is likely to excite lots of people being attacked by White Walkers- and seeing Melisandre marginalized and at odds with Daenerys’ supporters would make for such delightful palace intrigue. Stannis has a bit more experience governing than Daenerys does, but she has much more of the common touch for everyday people, whom Stannis seems to disdain.

From the books we know that both Joffrey and Tywin Lannister bite the dust in the near future, so it won’t be surprising if this is depicted in season four or five. Needless to say, many viewers will miss Charles Dance. Not many actors this side of Christopher Lee or Peter Cushing can do forbidding, patrician menace quite like Charles Dance. With those two Lannisters down, the rest wouldn’t be able to hold the kingdom together or withstand the combined forces of a united Stannis Baratheon & Daenerys Targaryen.

I’m not sure whose comeuppance I want to see more- Walder Frey’s or Ramsey Bolton’s. Sadistic a-holes don’t inspire much love from this viewer.  We can expect Catelyn Tully Stark to dish out punishment to those loyal to the Frey, Lannister, and Bolton households in the coming seasons as she takes the form of Lady Stoneheart.

Speaking of revenge; it surprised me a bit that Balon Greyjoy,Theon’s father, didn’t show any outrage toward the Boltons upon receiving Theon’s severed manhood in a box. We already knew that Balon didn’t think much of his son, but as a matter of family honor and the essential theft of any grandsons via Theon, that Papa Greyjoy would have wanted to punish the offender to show that no one can touch his offspring with impunity. His daughter, Yara, as we saw, seems to have more that perspective.

Game of Thrones has a lot to say about societal relationships; gender roles, class struggles, generational, family and religious conflicts.

Life in that world is very difficult for a woman. Either you need prophetic powers with a pretty face and good body like Melisandre, that you willingly share with a high-status warrior male, have fire-breathing dragons, male advisors and an army behind you like Daenerys, a rich daddy and  warrior brother like Cersei, or be built like a mack truck like Brienne, but even that might not be enough if the guys decide to throw you into a bear pit since they can’t beat you fairly.

Truly, Game of Throne is a show that has something for everyone- action, adventure, fantasy, family drama, royal pomp and circumstance, sex, and violence. Keep writing Mr. Martin, and let’s keep watching…

Nurse Jackie

This is another show I love – this season has our titular heroine besieged on all fronts. As a mother, she’s finally realizing that Grace does indeed have some psychological problem that needs to be addressed, and finally took the phone number of a good child psychiatrist from Mrs. Akalitus in the last episode.  The latest episode – “Candyland” – had her dealing with the inflated ego of Dr. Cooper, the suspicions of Zoe regarding her access code for the automated drug dispenser, and an oddly migrated set of testicles.

Some people feel that Eddie, Jackie’s lover from last season, should simply move on and get over their break-up. Others may feel that Jackie brought on Eddie’s stalker-like behavior. I’m of mixed opinion. I wish Eddie would find someone new for his own well being, but on the other hand, I think that since Jackie cheated on her husband and broke her lover’s heart, she has to face the consequences. Eddie now is a friend of Jackie’s husband, Kevin, and  in a position to make Jackie squirm. Let the dramatic guilt and deceit games begin anew!

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Big Love goes back to Family Values…

Although this was another episode that was all over the map- one moment Nicki slaps Bill in the face for not telling her that his brother Joey’s the one who killed her father, Roman- then she’s in the bedroom with him professing she loves him and doesn’t want to share him? (which reels were spliced together to come up with that sequence?) – overall; however, it was more cohesive than the previous entry.

The focus was on Bill Hendrickson and his family dealing with threats to their interests and safety. There was a great scene with Ben, Tancy and Sarah in which they each revealed their feelings about Bill’s political campaign.

Marilyn’s true colors were forcefully revealed in a lovely dressing down scene with Bill. Marilyn’s intense dislike and vested interested in destroying Bill may become clear in the next season. Marilyn continually makes allusions to the past, as she did in her telephone conversation with Barb, which make me believe there’s some kind of prior connection to Bill or to his brethren. In any case, Ms. Spacek makes this show far more watchable for me than would otherwise be the case. (I must confess a passing morbid interest in the meltdowns of Nicki and Alby, but they’re somewhat predictable and a little played out…).

It ended with the core Hendricksons – Bill and Barb (his only legal wife) and their three children enjoying Tancy’s birthday celebration.

There will undoubtedly be countless loose ends at the end of next week’s episode, but I seriously hope the writing/storylines improve next season. These folks can’t hold a candle to the writing of In Treatment, Damages, Nurse Jackie, or even The Good Wife.

Good Wife – impossibly good!

I don’t know how the writers and actors pull out such incredible material and performances week after week, but this show needs to be on DVD and hopefully made into a feature film some day.

Why is it so good? Intricacy, on-screen chemistry, and unpredictability. In the episode “Hi“, we kind of thought Kalinda was on Peter Florrick’s side, but couldn’t be 100% sure, and we couldn’t be sure how she’d testify, but when she did, in a rather oblique, obfuscatory fashion, and beamed back at Mr. Childs after the judge granted a new trial, who could not help basking in the glow of triumph?

The legal reasoning behind Peter’s conviction seems increasingly murky – he slept with a call-girl 18 times. Fine, but how do specific sex acts tie in to specific cases which he’s accused of failing to prosecute?

Aside from the drama surrounding Peter’s trial, there the little matter of a murdered babysitter, and unemployed husband Jason (James Waterston), and a suspicious, breadwinning wife, Sonya (Sonja Sohn). The husband is the immediate suspect, Alicia and Cary are hauled in to help defend him at the behest of Diane and Will, respectively, and lovely Kalinda is assigned to try to uncover anything and everything they can use to point the police in a direction away from their client, regardless of his guilt or innocence. In the midst of this moral ambiguity, Alicia pilfers potentially incriminating evidence from a very soon to be declared crime scene (so hilariously soon after she arrives that she has to hide to escape the building undetected). Oh, and did I mention that Cary’s high as a kite for much of the proceedings?

The apparent emergence of gender loyalty over political correctness is interesting; Alicia has turned to Diane for advice more often than Will when given a choice – once because she was opposing a personal friend of his, but I think Diane is someone she not only respects, but trusts a bit more and now Alicia has earned Diane’s grudging respect. It almost seems like Diane and Will went out of their way to find opposite-gender proteges to compete for a position in the interests of political correctness, but inherent differences are winning out; Diane felt obliged to protect Sonya’s interests in this episode, and suggested that Will protect Jason’s. Just another thing to make me go “hmmm…” 😉

Who else thinks the judge who granted the new trial might have been the one Kalinda was talking about?


See? Who says TV can’t be educational?

Summary 1

Big Love strikes again…

Well, Bill’s having trouble on the campaign trail…His daughter’s being accused of baby-napping by the woman his wife Barb hit by accident with her car  – and Bill’s being investigated by the INS and has to explain why some extra names show up on the payroll…What does Bill do? He throws his friend Norm under the bus by having him confess to placing the extra wives on the books in order to get health insurance. Oh, and did I mention that his son Ben is fatally attracted to Bill’s youngest wife, Margene? What to do? Ben starts packing, Bill walks in and Ben tells him that he thinks it best that he leave for a little while, Bill cooly replies that he was thinking the same thing and walks out the door.

I can’t give Mr. Bill father or husband of the year awards, I’m afraid. On the one hand I do feel that he should have tried to talk to, and perhaps  more importantly listen to Ben more  sympathetically, on the other hand when a father has an adult son hot for his pretty young wife and both parties admit to an attraction – there aren’t a whole lot of options except to stop the attraction one way or another, or end one or both of the relationships – distance is often involved.

Margene’s on-camera implosion surprised me a bit, and I wonder whether she’ll just be fired or soar in popularity or both -as in she’s fired then the public clamors for her return, via that “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” maxim.

How about Alby’s stalking behavior? I just love how he’s playing dumb Dale. He’s packed Dale’s bags for his guilt trip in re the Junniper Creek affair – and taken insurance with that candid photo of the two of them in bed in the last episode…

J.J. and Adaleen?  I must confess that I didn’t see that one coming. Is this to team up against Alby or ? We know J.J. is a power hungry little bugger, but he’s talking to Joey and trying to get him to play some kind of higher role on the compound.  My money’s on Wanda and Nikki killing J.J. off at some point 🙂 Didn’t you just love their little commiseration scene, right after Wanda skinned herself with a knife, thinking of her sweet brother’s demise?

Jodean? Well, there’s a quiet rebel…she was pleased as punch that the birds Lois and Frank planned to sell escape, and previously she looked very anguished when Lois was scolding Frank about being a good father to Bill…Yes. I think Miss Jodean is rethinking Heavenly Father’s plans for them all…

What do YOU think will happen next?

Another fine summary…