Hypocrisy of the Ray rice/NFL outrage

The media coverage of this sad situation has really started to irritate me. Professional athletes abusing women is nothing new; we knew it when Mike Tyson was married to Robin Givens, and we knew it when OJ Simpson was indicted for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson & Ronald Goldman. I think pundits and the public need to stop behaving like Columbus with a new discovery. It’s not newsworthy because Ray Rice pinched out his girlfriend – it’s newsworthy because he was videotaped doing it.

I also think that both law enforcement and the media need to choose priorities at some point; is it more important to help Janay Palmer Rice or attack her husband & the NFL? If the focus is the latter, how much sympathy are you showing the former? Schadenfreude seems to be driving the media more than sympathy- which is another way Mrs.
Rice has been victimized.