Latest Tarot reading

So, I haven’t posted here in a while, but I did feel like posting this latest Tarot/Oracle deck combination reading I did regarding the question of whether or not New York’s  escaped prisoners,Richard Matt and David Sweat would be captured.  I used the outlook spread from page 196 in Power Tarot, combining Morgan Greer and Madame Endora Fortune Cards and the cards came up like this:

1 Wolf with the 6 of wands
2 -The Knight – w Emperor
3-The Dagger with the Page of Swords reversed
4-Chalice with the 5 of Swords

Here’s a breakdown of the positional meanings for the Outlook Spread:

Card 1 – Outlook for the situation, event, or project.

Card 2 – What/who will help.

Card 3 – What this will lead to.

Card 4 – How you will feel about the outcome.
My take on this assortment is that they are likely to be betrayed or turn on each other, and will likely get caught;however, with the Knight & Emperor involved – they won’t go down without a fight – especially not the older Richard Matt – who’s the domineering one – the Dagger with the page of Swords reversed – in the position of what this leads to confirms some kind of violence before all is said and done – a young person – or possibly David Sweat – may die or be seriously injured. The Chalice with 5 of Swords in the how I will feel about this is relieved, but disappointed – which fits with a capture at a high price scenario – so it may be an innocent youth who’s hurt or killed in the crossfire.  I also expect their capture within the next 6-30 days, based on the minor arcana cards.


Oscar race-2014

Once again, we struggle to come to terms with the concept of yet another year vanishing into the ether, but it’s relentlessly closing in on us. That realization leads me to consider the likely Oscar contenders who will be lauded in early 2014. My nominee picks are:

Fruitvale Station – Best Picture, Actor( Michael B. Jordan), Director

Captain Phillips- Best Picture, Actor (Tom Hanks), Director

Blue Jasmine – Best Actress – (Cate Blanchett)

Prisoners -Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor (Hugh Jackman & Jake Gyllenhaal)

Mud -Best Picture, Best Actor? (Matthew McConaughey?)

Dallas Buyers Club Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor (Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto)

I’m pretty sure it will be some permutation of that line-up. I’m not sure whether Matthew McConaughey will be nominated for Mud or Dallas Buyers Club, although it more likely the latter. I’m less sure of the actress nominees, except Cate Blanchett, who totally owns Blue Jasmine.  Judi Dench may get a nomination for Philomena;however. Another dark horse could be the young Sophie Nélisse



BlueJ CaptP Fruitvale Mud PrisonersDBC

Election 2013

According to various Tarot spreads the results should be as follows:

Chris Christie wins over Barbara Buono, although this election will be closer than Christie anticipated, and Ms. Buono will remain a thorn in Christie’s side.

Bill de Blasio – wins over Joe Lhota, although this election too, will be closer than de Blasio expected, and de Blasio will have a very rough & overwhelming time as mayor of NYC.

Michael Fedele wins over David Martin, by a large margin. Fedele is likely to cut social services and demand union give-backs- expect threats of layoffs.



More Tarot Predictions- Elections for Mayor & House of Representatives in 2014

Yes. I decided to give it a whirl regarding the election outcomes for mayor of Stamford and New York City. I decided to give my new Connolly Tarot deck a try –

Connolly Tarot

Much to my chagrin, it appears that Michael Fedele will definitely win the mayoral race since I got THREE upright cards (don’t even remember which, since I was so dismayed and disgusted), but I’d love to be proven wrong…Interestingly enough, Bill diBlasio wasn’t favored much by Tarot either, with two out of three of the cards coming up reversed – the upright center card was 8 of wands, the reversed were three of swords and 8 of swords, indicating a highly contentious and bitter race to the wire and possibly beyond. If Mr. DiBlasio should somehow prevail, it could turn out that he’s lost more than he’s won.

Finally, I asked whether or not the Democrats would win control of the House in 2014, and again two out of three cards came up reversed, but this time ALL the cards were from the wands suit, with the final card being an upright ace of wands. This suggests that many races will be extremely close, and we can expect recounts, and possible lawsuits, but in the end, a new tone will prevail in the House as more seats go to the Dems, albeit without retaking full control. Conversely, I also asked the question in reverse – that is “will the Republicans lose seats in the House in 2014” and got the 4 of Swords, the Knight of Swords, both upright, along with the 9 of swords, reversed.  Again, i take this to mean some hotly and bitterly contested races and possibly lawsuits, with the GOP losing more seats, amid accusations of cheating.

Let’s see what happens…

CBS-Time Warner Cable Dispute – my take via the Tarot

I know, the Tarot? But with two sides as far apart as CBS & Time Warner, it’s as likely to provide an answer as any other source, regarding when/how this dispute will end.

Well on 8/25/2013 @ about 5pm EDT, I decided to consult my Rider-Waite deck of Tarot cards about the issue. I posed a straightforward Yes or No question – Would the CBS dispute be over by Sept. 9th?  – I pulled three cards – from the deck – two were reversed or upside down, and one was rightside up – meaning a qualified no.  Then I decided to get a little more information, so I used Eden Gray’s three aces spread – counting out cards into three separate piles, stopping at an ace – the third card I drew was the ace of pentacles- upright, next the ace of swords in the the second pile – the third pile had no ace, but the last card (you’re only supposed to count out 13 cards) was the four of swords reversed.

Interpretation: This is likely to be a nail-biter and a nasty dispute down to the bitter end- with both sides not being fully satisfied about money issues- don’t be surprised if the FCC or another party is brought in to resolve this via binding arbitration. It looks like it will be resolve on or around September 9th, but it’s likely to be a shaky truce with lots of hard feelings and will bring changes to the industry.