The Good Wife-Breaking Up

Alicia is asked to defend the son of an important client. Assistant D.A. and erstwhile Lockhart & Gardner employee Cary Agos suggest that the son, Jonathan, and his girlfriend, Alexis are initially thought to be witnesses to a sale by the associate of a known drug lord.  It becomes readily apparent that Mr. Agos has something else up his sleeve and accuses the pair of murdering a pharmacist.

Neither young Jonathan, nor his girlfriend, Alexis, will turn on the other when offered deals of leniency in exchange for testifying against one another. Jonathan falsely confesses to all in order to spare his pregnant girlfriend time in prison. Alicia watches their final tearful conversation as the law officers carry him away for processing.

Later, Alicia tries to comfort her gay brother after his break-up. They briefly discuss the nature of love, and Alicia states that sometimes the heart needs steering.

We can’t help but wonder whether Alicia envies the love of the young couple and contemplates whether Peter would sacrifice the way Alexis did.

The dark sides of both Cary – and – Blake Calamar are on display this episode. Cary lured Jonathan and Alexis to the D.A.’s office under false pretenses. He’s the oiliest of snake-oil salesmen in this episode. Blake threatening a female witness and tipping her out of her chair to make a point was likewise unsettling. Kalinda’s romantic options don’t seem much better this season than last.

The confrontation between Will & Diane at the end of the episode was riveting. Will called Diane on her plans to start up her own firm, and Diane asked whether Alicia told him her plans, to which Will replied that he hadn’t realized Alicia knew about Diane’s plans. Will storms out of the office after threatening to have guards posted outside her office if she returns and calling an meeting with the equity partners.

We can only hope that they realize that they’re stronger together than apart.

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