Nurse Jackie-Season 2, Episode 7

Just when you thought the writing on this show couldn’t get any better, this episode dovetailed the infidelity of Dr. Eleanor O’hara’s current love interest, Sarah Khouri (played by fellow Brit Julia Ormond) with Jackie’s own feelings of guilt/uncertainty regarding her own affair with Eddie. It was great to watch Jackie sympathize with Sarah in the ladies room as she injected her with antitoxins to cure Sarah’s spider bite.  Jackie showed her loyalty to Dr. O’hara by simply stating “Hey, she’s my friend.”  when Sarah pointed out that Eleanor had affairs with boys “half her age.” Jackie also told Eleanor about the slightly steamy phone call she overheard Sarah having with a stranger.

An unstated assumption by Sarah is that it’s OK to cheat, especially if your lover is bisexual, places an interesting perspective on bisexuality and how it’s perceived and dealt with by others.  This subtle adding of layers from one episode to the next is what makes this and outstanding series.

The guilt of secrets seemed to be weighing slightly on Jackie’s mind when she spoke with Eddie on the phone and confessed that she didn’t know whether he was the love of her life or a pathological liar. I suspect it’s the latter quality which play a part in her attraction to him.  He’s a partner in crime and fellow manipulator/liar, and she gets the high of pulling one over on people’s eyes as well as the possibility of scoring drugs from him.

I had mixed feelings about Kevin’s take-down of Jackie. She had it coming, but the timing? It felt like a bit of a sucker punch after the cozy set up – he waited up for her, letting her think he had romance in mind initially. I’m sure it’s the only way he felt he could talk to her or get her attention, but it still felt like a sucker punch. I was glad she only went to a diner for comfort food instead of resorting to sex or drugs.

Zoey inched slightly closer towards a relationship with Lenny, and I’m very glad.

Dr. Cooper? Peter Facinelli is a better actor than some might think. How many actors can verbally attack an elderly woman one moment,  grab her breast the next, then try to save her life, and show moral angst in the ace of ghoulish office politics?  [Gloria Akalitus’s badgering those within earshot about Mrs. Sussman’s (Barbara Barrie, in a fabulous guest appearance) last wishes].

All this in 30 minutes!

Can’t wait until Jackie reacts to Eddie’s new girlfriend…

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