Latest Tarot reading

So, I haven’t posted here in a while, but I did feel like posting this latest Tarot/Oracle deck combination reading I did regarding the question of whether or not New York’s  escaped prisoners,Richard Matt and David Sweat would be captured.  I used the outlook spread from page 196 in Power Tarot, combining Morgan Greer and Madame Endora Fortune Cards and the cards came up like this:

1 Wolf with the 6 of wands
2 -The Knight – w Emperor
3-The Dagger with the Page of Swords reversed
4-Chalice with the 5 of Swords

Here’s a breakdown of the positional meanings for the Outlook Spread:

Card 1 – Outlook for the situation, event, or project.

Card 2 – What/who will help.

Card 3 – What this will lead to.

Card 4 – How you will feel about the outcome.
My take on this assortment is that they are likely to be betrayed or turn on each other, and will likely get caught;however, with the Knight & Emperor involved – they won’t go down without a fight – especially not the older Richard Matt – who’s the domineering one – the Dagger with the page of Swords reversed – in the position of what this leads to confirms some kind of violence before all is said and done – a young person – or possibly David Sweat – may die or be seriously injured. The Chalice with 5 of Swords in the how I will feel about this is relieved, but disappointed – which fits with a capture at a high price scenario – so it may be an innocent youth who’s hurt or killed in the crossfire.  I also expect their capture within the next 6-30 days, based on the minor arcana cards.