Hypocrisy of the Ray rice/NFL outrage

The media coverage of this sad situation has really started to irritate me. Professional athletes abusing women is nothing new; we knew it when Mike Tyson was married to Robin Givens, and we knew it when OJ Simpson was indicted for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson & Ronald Goldman. I think pundits and the public need to stop behaving like Columbus with a new discovery. It’s not newsworthy because Ray Rice pinched out his girlfriend – it’s newsworthy because he was videotaped doing it.

I also think that both law enforcement and the media need to choose priorities at some point; is it more important to help Janay Palmer Rice or attack her husband & the NFL? If the focus is the latter, how much sympathy are you showing the former? Schadenfreude seems to be driving the media more than sympathy- which is another way Mrs.
Rice has been victimized.

Nude photos and the right to privacy

Peggy Drexler argues for the right to take/pose for nude photos without fear of privacy violation- Drexler op-ed on privacy rights & nude photos . She concludes by stating that the problem isn’t the picture. The problem is the perpetrator .

While that may be technically/morally true to some or even a great degree, would there BE a perpetrator WITHOUT a nude picture in this case? I think not. Having a right to do something doesn’t make it the right thing to do.

I very strongly feel that the agents/managers of young celebrities have not made their charges fully aware of certain basic facts of celebrity. Once you’re a celebrity you will seldom be dealt with fairly again for the rest of your life. Rightly or wrongly, celebrities are targeted and anything they say, do, or wear can and will be held against them in an eternal digital echo chamber. Do celebrities have a right to have a publicly listed telephone number? Of course they do. Is it the right move to make? Not likely.

Beautiful women have the right to drink alcohol and even get drunk, without fear of sexual assault. If a woman does get falling down drunk in the company of strange men and one or more of those men sexually assault her-the assailant(s) is/are to blame. However; as unwelcome as the question may be- it must be raised- did she make herself an easy target ? The world is full of predators- you have to make yourself a hard target. Personal safety is everyone’s personal responsibility. If you want your nude pictures to stay private- guess what? It is your responsibility to make sure they do. You can’t make the world responsible once you’ve decided to upload your nude photos into the cloud.

Drexler seems to equate the right to leave one’s home with the right to pose for nude photos. Leaving one’s home is generally a necessity. Posing for nude photos is not.

Make wise decisions and make yourself a hard target.

To those ardent defenders of the right to pose for nude photographs, I say: congratulations! You have given “original guy” and his fellow hackers the negative attention they crave, empowered them by revealing how deeply bothered you are by their actions, and promised them with a steady stream of future victims by insisting that young women should keep on posing for nude photos. Moreover; criminalizing the behavior further will likely increase the value of each illegally obtained photo on the black market. Ms. Caitlin Dewey, Dr. Peggy Drexler, and their sympathizers must be so proud.