American Horror Story -Coven – episode 7

This season continues to impress as all of the actresses on the show give their all. Kathy Bates is appropriately loathsome as Delphine LaLaurie – inspired by a real life sadist and slaveowner- but somehow, Ms. Bates is able to make viewers believe that this sick sadist is somehow seeking redemption or adjustment to her current experiences in the modern world.  I was disappointed that Queenie, played by an equally engaging Gabourney Sidibe, decided to betray LaLaurie to Marie Laveau.

Similarly, I was a bit disappointed with Zoe’s decision to kill Spalding once he answered all of her questions. It’s true that he wasn’t trustworthy – but was it really  necessary to kill him? Had she made him talk in Fiona’s presence – she’d have taken care of it, after all… I also don’t know how Zoe knew about Myrtle’s spell on Spalding’s tongue.

Speaking of Fiona, she’s going to have a hard time in the next few episodes, with not only Marie Laveau gunning for her, but her own daughter and the students of Miss Robichaux’s academy as well. Last, but not least, the resurrected Myrtle Snow is likely to want to settle old scores too.

This season is so deliciously campy and byzantine in its plotting and intrigue that I can’t believe I have to wait two weeks for the next episode on 12/4/2013!

Oscar race-2014

Once again, we struggle to come to terms with the concept of yet another year vanishing into the ether, but it’s relentlessly closing in on us. That realization leads me to consider the likely Oscar contenders who will be lauded in early 2014. My nominee picks are:

Fruitvale Station – Best Picture, Actor( Michael B. Jordan), Director

Captain Phillips- Best Picture, Actor (Tom Hanks), Director

Blue Jasmine – Best Actress – (Cate Blanchett)

Prisoners -Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor (Hugh Jackman & Jake Gyllenhaal)

Mud -Best Picture, Best Actor? (Matthew McConaughey?)

Dallas Buyers Club Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor (Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto)

I’m pretty sure it will be some permutation of that line-up. I’m not sure whether Matthew McConaughey will be nominated for Mud or Dallas Buyers Club, although it more likely the latter. I’m less sure of the actress nominees, except Cate Blanchett, who totally owns Blue Jasmine.  Judi Dench may get a nomination for Philomena;however. Another dark horse could be the young Sophie Nélisse



BlueJ CaptP Fruitvale Mud PrisonersDBC

tarot & election

I am very relieved to be wrong about Michael Fedele’s victory in Stamford . Kathleen Murphy was the wild card-she siphoned off enough of the independent votes to let Martin win. Mercury retrograde might also have something to do with my misreading the cards…

Election 2013

According to various Tarot spreads the results should be as follows:

Chris Christie wins over Barbara Buono, although this election will be closer than Christie anticipated, and Ms. Buono will remain a thorn in Christie’s side.

Bill de Blasio – wins over Joe Lhota, although this election too, will be closer than de Blasio expected, and de Blasio will have a very rough & overwhelming time as mayor of NYC.

Michael Fedele wins over David Martin, by a large margin. Fedele is likely to cut social services and demand union give-backs- expect threats of layoffs.