American Horror Story – Coven-Spoiler Alert!

Episode 4 of American Horror Story:Coven was wonderfully kick-ass, and the episode ended basically where it began – with Marie Laveau raising the dead to attack the witches at Ms. Robichaux’s  School for Exceptional Young Ladies in retaliation for beheading her man-made minotaur boyfriend Bastien.  If this sounds outrageously convoluted and over the top – it probably is, but it was such delicious fun to watch Angela Bassett and Jessica Lange and Gabourey Sidibe let loose with the material that many viewers will be inclined to be forgiving.

And the witches council! The witches council! The witches council!! – By now you may have some idea how fabulous I think the witches council is- headed by the incomparable Frances Conroy – she had this Anna Wintour/Edith Head thing going on and was FIERCELY in Ms. Lange’s face with accusations of murder – scrumptious dramatics – y’all 😉

By the way -spoilers alert – the next Supreme was revealed by Ryan Murphy & Aceshowbiz to be Zoe – initially dismissed by Lange’s Fiona’s as the “weakest of us”  – See – Link 1 and Link 2 

This surprised me somewhat, and part of me wanted it to be crazy-ass hill-billy swamp witch Misty Day. Now THAT would  have worked Fiona’s nerves like mad -particularly since she’s not that easy to kill 😉

Episode 4 definitely ramped up the suspense a few notches and will be fun to see where the writers take us next…

American Horror Story -Coven

I’m only three episodes into this show and totally loving it. Largely because of the incredible cast :Patti Luppone had a cameo last episode, Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett and Sarah Polley, an annoying Emma Roberts and an unpredictable Gaborney Sidibe.

American Horror Story-Coven

There’s always so much that’s going on and on American asylum and so much that could be going on I spoke with a coworker about different characters most of whom are female on this season of American horror story coven and we talked about the actresses under being under used which I think is true particularly true of Gabby Sidibe and Sarah Pauly as Cordelia and I think that although she has been a bland character thus far; having seen the remake of Carrie recently I am waiting for Cordelia’s Carrie moment when she’s a doormat no more and she strikes back, and I’m wondering if something in her will recognize that her mother Fiona as well as Fiona’s rival Marie Laveau are all that are standing in her way of having a baby and I’m wondering if the moment will come when she left wipes them both out or at least tries to;  she’s lacking the firepower now to do so, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t figure out a way to get that firepower. I see the potential of the show and its various characters now that Fiona Goode is going to be besieged by members of her own coven of witches as well as Marie Laveau and her forces, thus I’m wondering whether Cordelia will take advantage of the situation now and how she will do so; or how other characters will take advantage of the situation as well.  It’s a very political undercurrent this season…

No matter what happens, I sincerely doubt that Fiona is going to remain the Supreme witch and gain Marie Laveau’s secret formula for immortality by the end of episode 13. In fact, the seeming overconfidence of both Fiona and Marie and their belief that they know the lay of the land best, suggests to me that neither witch will prevail in the end and what they don’t know will likely hurt them…

Stay tuned.

More Tarot Predictions- Elections for Mayor & House of Representatives in 2014

Yes. I decided to give it a whirl regarding the election outcomes for mayor of Stamford and New York City. I decided to give my new Connolly Tarot deck a try –

Connolly Tarot

Much to my chagrin, it appears that Michael Fedele will definitely win the mayoral race since I got THREE upright cards (don’t even remember which, since I was so dismayed and disgusted), but I’d love to be proven wrong…Interestingly enough, Bill diBlasio wasn’t favored much by Tarot either, with two out of three of the cards coming up reversed – the upright center card was 8 of wands, the reversed were three of swords and 8 of swords, indicating a highly contentious and bitter race to the wire and possibly beyond. If Mr. DiBlasio should somehow prevail, it could turn out that he’s lost more than he’s won.

Finally, I asked whether or not the Democrats would win control of the House in 2014, and again two out of three cards came up reversed, but this time ALL the cards were from the wands suit, with the final card being an upright ace of wands. This suggests that many races will be extremely close, and we can expect recounts, and possible lawsuits, but in the end, a new tone will prevail in the House as more seats go to the Dems, albeit without retaking full control. Conversely, I also asked the question in reverse – that is “will the Republicans lose seats in the House in 2014” and got the 4 of Swords, the Knight of Swords, both upright, along with the 9 of swords, reversed.  Again, i take this to mean some hotly and bitterly contested races and possibly lawsuits, with the GOP losing more seats, amid accusations of cheating.

Let’s see what happens…

Film Review-Enough Said

Nicole Holofcener Enough Said 2013

Enough said is an intelligent, grown-up movie for the following reasons:

1) It analyzes relationships in the second half of life and addresses the fact that we need to readjust our expectations of love & marriage.
2) It shows how the opinions of others negatively impact our relationships if we listen to them.
3)It shows us that we need to laugh at ourselves & our attempts to start over and make things work.
I agree with Amanda Dobbins‘  conclusion in – Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a national treasure. Enough Said may be the film that proves to the powers that be that she can do much more than comedy.
Indie queen Catherine Keener almost plays against type as her most unlikeable film character in recent memory – her Marianne is a self-absorbed, hypercritical poet, who’s very negative about Albert, her ex-husband (James Gandolfini) who just happens to be dating her new friend/masseuse Eva (Louis-Dreyfus).
Holofcener slyly inserts her observations on what can ruin relationships :oftentimes it’s the little things we can later dismiss as silly, but some stubborn part of us that wants things our own way takes as a personal affront.  These insights are made clear during casual conversation scenes- for example when Eva (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is complaining to her friends Sarah & Will (Toni Collete & Ben Falcone) about a male massage client who never helps her carry her massage table up his very high staircase, Will asks “Have you ever asked him to (help)?” The two women quickly respond with exasperation that Eva shouldn’t have to ask.  Obviously; however, since most men aren’t mind readers, they either need to be asked/told or the woman affect will have to suffer in silence.  (Eva is later seen asking the man for help in the film).
Similarly when Eva is having dinner with  friends Sarah and Will and ex husband with his new wife there’s a slightly heated discussion about cookies and how Peter used to bring them home and  his ex wife Eva couldn’t help herself in eating them  and Eva thought it was wrong of  Peter to buy them, given her inability to control herself around them, whereas Will sypmathizes with Peter, saying that depriving himself of the cookies  his right to eat whatever he wants at home were impinged upon by Eva’s inability to control herself around cookies.
It struck me as ironic that filmmaker Nicole Holofcener made Gandolfini, the leading male in the largely female driven dramedy, the most grounded/secure character in the film; which may be a comment on women’s tendency to be the more self-critical sex.

Tarot & the shutdown

BablynonianTarotOk . I consulted my tarot cards about the shutdown -I admit it. We should hear a breakthrough tomorrow or within the next 4 days. – AKA – October 13.

This was the result of a six card crescent moon spread, which considers, the distant past, the recent past, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and the ultimate result. 4 of disks (pentacles) came up in the “tomorrow” position – hence the semi-breakthrough from the GOP with their willingness to at least temporarily raise the debt limit. The “ultimately” card was Genesis – a completely new beginning, which strongly suggests to me that we will definitely get a new congress on board after election 2014…

Bunny Lake Is Missing -DVD Review

Bunny_Lake_Is_Missing A co-worker recommended this film to me, and I’m very glad that she did. It’s very much worth viewing, and as she suggested – it’s good to look for the aspects of the film that are dated and those that ring true as modern to this day.

Bunny Lake – real name Felicia Lake is the titular four year old character who goes missing from her British nursery after being left behind by single American mother Carol Lynley. She and Keir Dullea play siblings. An early scene where Steven (Dullea) calls Ann (Lynley) to check on her and she tells him to be home promptly since she’s planning to cook chick just for him makes audience think they’re watching a young couple, which toward the end of the film is shown to be exactly the right overtone. The two actors look quite a bit alike and each does a credible job in the role.

The most dated element of the film for me was the way the British nursery seemed very inattentive and indifferent about a new child entering their care center. Nowadays, I would think most nursery school staff would tell a parent exactly where to register a child and collect all the pertinent information from both parent and child. But since it’s the relatively easygoing 60s the young mother leaves “Bunny” in the care of the nursery school’s cook.  Later on there is no one on staff who can recall having seen the child.

This tactic lets the superintendent/chief detective on the case (Laurence Olivier) weigh two possibilities – a) the young mother & her brother are both crazy and the little girl is imaginary b) the overprotective brother is somehow involved in the girl’s disappearance.

The temporal change between the 1960s and today is only one difference for viewers to note- there’s also the difference in culture; the approach of the British police force versus that of the American – the very American attitude of a young mother whose child is missing versus that of a British mother.  I think an American law enforcement agency would simply try to offer light consolation with bromides such as “We’re putting some of our best people on the case”  “Everything possible will be done to help you find your little girl.”  et cetera. The British detective takes a more psychological approach from the very beginning.

Another treat is Martita Hunt as Ms. Ford one of the founders of the school who seems eccentric and unaware, but is in fact, very much has her wits about her and can spot a rotten apple or a liar better than most.

Although I suspected the identity of the abductor midway, and it seems that the superindendent did too, I was annoyed with the dismissive manner in which the lead detective spoke to the mother at the end “Get a good night’s sleep, both of you. Now that you exist.”  It made me want to hit him.

A good film is one that holds up over time, and a very good one is one that you’d be willing to see remade. I am curious to see what a European director – perhaps a French one – or a female director would make of the material. Originally an American novel by Evelyn Piper (aka Merriam Modell) and set in New York City, a competent U.S. filmmaker would also have a wide range of options.

I kept thinking about the door near the kitchen of the nursery school as an entry point for an intruder to snatch the child. (Personally, I think it would have been better to have the presence of the child acknowledged, and the disappearance inexplicable).  I also thought about the biological father of the child as being a potential suspect, or the lecherous landlord (played by Noel Coward). A remake could explore all of those red herrings and have the true abductor plant breadcrumbs to lead audiences toward them until the final reveal. I also think the abductor might have been shown pleading with a jury that he was just pretending to do harm and it was all just a game – with a clean record he might get a light sentence – having the abductor escape in the final reel seems like a cliche Hollywood touch that an American filmmaker would have tried.

Well, this is my speculation and reaction to the film. You’ll have to watch it yourself to have your own:)