CBS-Time Warner dispute-Part 2

OK. So it seemed to me that the CEOs of Time Warner & CBS simply hated each other and would rather die than give an inch. Although I still feel that way, I did a Tarot reading at about 11:25 am on 9/2/2013 to see what the chances of a quick resolution would be. I did a quick three card spread to answer yes or no to “Will the CBS-Time Warner dispute be resolved within the next 10 days?” Surprisingly enough the cards came up like this:




5 of cups – upright, 6 of Wands upright, and 6 of pentacles – upright.  Although the upright position of all three cards indicates that it WILL likely be resolved in the next 10 days- that is by 9/12/2013, and with two SIxes involved, probably within six days  or by 9/8/2013, it seems that there will be a LOT of disappointment and emotional loss involved – also – CBS will likely get more money, but guess who else will have to pay more?  Yes. You and I and the rest of the public will end up paying more- (6 of pentacles). The 6 of wands also suggests to me that some kind of new structure/arrangement has been made between CBS & Time Warner which will impact the larger Television/Cable industry.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…