True Blood – Season Six, so far…

One of the things I love about True Blood is the diversity of the supernatural characters; they don’t focus exclusively on vampires as they did in previous seasons. Seasons five and six have expanded the universe to werewolves witches, fairies, and even some hybrid creatures, in the case of Warlow and we also get to see that universe through the perspective of each of the  aforementioned creatures. One of the other things I like about True Blood is the exploration of existential angst in the past couple of seasons. 

So in the past two seasons we’ve been exploring the idea of spirituality the vampire world and what what is really true about the nature of the world. What is the place of the vampire in the world? What is a vampire is life worth really? What’s the point of this existence? Those are the question we’ve been probing  for the past two seasons and it’s very interesting because most supernatural shows don’t do that.

The other thing that I like about True Blood this season is the fact that Bill has  managed to figure out how to reach Lilith’s plane of current plane of existence him without being summoned –  almost  against her will it – via  a catatonic state  and it’s really interesting to see  how that works , yet it leaves unanswered the whole question of vampires and resurrection and whether in just ingesting the blood of a powerful deceased vampire offers a means of the deceased vampire  to  continue live on in some way in the consciousness of the of the new vampire. This kind of shared body experience is something I haven’t seen in vampire films before. 

All is not a bed of roses; however on the show, because , as my colleague Carolyn has pointed out. the writers don’t seem to have anything in mind for some characters. There simply isn’t much  for them to do, and they seem to be wasting certain characters; Alcide and Holly come to mind.  I’m particularly disappointed with how Holly’s been wasted.true_blood_6-7 We know that  Holly is Wiccan so  I would prefer that they do more with her in this area, as they have with LaFayette. It would make sense for those two to pool powers & insights with Sookie in emergencies; of which there are many.