Game of Thrones-Season 3 & Beyond Reflections

It was a stunning season by nearly all accounts, but it wasn’t until the season finale – entitled “Mhysa”, that I had an idea of where the show and the books OUGHT to go in the end. How do I think the series should end?  Drum roll…

A power marriage between Stannis Baratheon and Daenerys  Targaryen. I know, I know, Stannis is already married and Daenerys marries the ruler of Mereen, but relationships don’t always last for long in Westeros. It will be interesting to see how these two interact, and although I realize the two have and will marry others in the books thus far, I think it would make a lot of sense for these two to unite – at least in name only. It would be the marriage of the old ruler house and the new – one that the people could accept.

But there are other reasons I think this could be a winning combination –

The common threat of the White Walkers (called “The Others” in the books) as icy zombies could easily be overcome with the help of three fire-breathing dragons.

Stannis Baratheon has a religious zealot  who worships a god of fire and light in his corner, a faith which is likely to excite lots of people being attacked by White Walkers- and seeing Melisandre marginalized and at odds with Daenerys’ supporters would make for such delightful palace intrigue. Stannis has a bit more experience governing than Daenerys does, but she has much more of the common touch for everyday people, whom Stannis seems to disdain.

From the books we know that both Joffrey and Tywin Lannister bite the dust in the near future, so it won’t be surprising if this is depicted in season four or five. Needless to say, many viewers will miss Charles Dance. Not many actors this side of Christopher Lee or Peter Cushing can do forbidding, patrician menace quite like Charles Dance. With those two Lannisters down, the rest wouldn’t be able to hold the kingdom together or withstand the combined forces of a united Stannis Baratheon & Daenerys Targaryen.

I’m not sure whose comeuppance I want to see more- Walder Frey’s or Ramsey Bolton’s. Sadistic a-holes don’t inspire much love from this viewer.  We can expect Catelyn Tully Stark to dish out punishment to those loyal to the Frey, Lannister, and Bolton households in the coming seasons as she takes the form of Lady Stoneheart.

Speaking of revenge; it surprised me a bit that Balon Greyjoy,Theon’s father, didn’t show any outrage toward the Boltons upon receiving Theon’s severed manhood in a box. We already knew that Balon didn’t think much of his son, but as a matter of family honor and the essential theft of any grandsons via Theon, that Papa Greyjoy would have wanted to punish the offender to show that no one can touch his offspring with impunity. His daughter, Yara, as we saw, seems to have more that perspective.

Game of Thrones has a lot to say about societal relationships; gender roles, class struggles, generational, family and religious conflicts.

Life in that world is very difficult for a woman. Either you need prophetic powers with a pretty face and good body like Melisandre, that you willingly share with a high-status warrior male, have fire-breathing dragons, male advisors and an army behind you like Daenerys, a rich daddy and  warrior brother like Cersei, or be built like a mack truck like Brienne, but even that might not be enough if the guys decide to throw you into a bear pit since they can’t beat you fairly.

Truly, Game of Throne is a show that has something for everyone- action, adventure, fantasy, family drama, royal pomp and circumstance, sex, and violence. Keep writing Mr. Martin, and let’s keep watching…