Mitt Romney & Election 2012

Although Roland Martin makes some valid points about why it’s a good idea for Republicans to woo the African American vote – see – – I think the results of Romney’s performance show him to be politically inept in some respects.

Let’s take a look at this part of his NAACP speech – “If you understood who I truly am in my heart, and if it were possible to fully communicate what I believe is in the real, enduring best interest of African-American families, you would vote for me for president,” Romney said to murmuring from the crowd.

To me, this suggests A) Romney doesn’t think African -Americans understand him B) He isn’t able to communicate what he believes in a persuasive manner. If these two premises are true, why should he reasonably expect people of color, or for anyone for that matter, to want to vote for him?  If these two premises are false, his choice of words was exceptionally poor and left an undesirable impression which will likely take more than three months to correct.

I also have to ask – how many taxpayer dollars do all the 33 legislative efforts in Congress to repeal “Obamacare” translate into? How many uninsured Americans could have been helped with that money?

Finally, let me just ask, since when does the United States President single-handedly control the world’s economy, or that of the United States? No matter who is elected in November, the economy is going to stay in rough shape for at least another three or four years.

It’s time to stop blaming and start working together, and so far, I’ve only heard one candidate talk like that.


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