Interracial Dating & Demographics

As a result of our culture’s premium on European standards of beauty, it seems to me that whites have a broader dating pool of candidates to choose from, since whiteness is the most widely accepted currency. I am of the opinion that whites are generally perceived to be acceptable mates to a larger number of members of other ethnic groups than are African American, Asians, or Hispanics.

In a situation where there are 100 white men, 100 white women, and 10 black women and 10 black men, there may equal odds on the surface for each person to find a mate, but if you look at the likely permutations more closely, it really isn’t the case. Each of the black men and women will run into a shortage of men or women to choose from sooner than each of the white men or women, because each white person has 99 potential choices, whereas each black person has only 9. Each white person may choose to date interracially, but it will be more of a luxury for them, whereas it will be more of a necessity for each black person in order to have as many potential choices as each white person has.

Whenever I try to point this line of reasoning out to whites, I get dismissive rebuttals, and occasionally denials.

In my example, if we add 6 Hispanic men and 6 Hispanic women to the mix, and consider who’s willing to date whom, the African Americans may be willing to date the Hispanics or the whites, but the reverse may not be true…moreover, the whites don’t experience a shortage as quickly as the other two groups, so there’s no pressing need for them to consider doing so…

What’s your take?