The Good Wife-Whiskey Tango Foxtrot episode 3.9

It’s been a while since I’ve analyzed an episode and a lot has happened since my last post.

This episode, whose story lines included the court martial of a young female military officer  accused of negligent homicide in a drone attack, and an attempt to lobby members of congress in favor of a cheese producers’ guild.  The first case is the more interesting of the two, but this show has become more of an ensemble production since its inception, so we got to see fine work from nearly every cast member.

I cannot write another post about this show without commenting on the increasingly acrimonious relationship between Alicia and Jackie. Yes. Jackie’s behavior is definitely provocative and occasionally overbearing, BUT however mixed or flawed Jackie’s motives may be, Alicia has to respect the fact that the elder Mrs. Florrick loves her grandchildren and is a permanent part of their lives. I see Alicia getting angry and lashing out at Jackie, but I don’t see her trying to move beyond the offense of the day or working things through in order to make them better. I also don’t think that turning the children against their grandmother is doing anyone  any favors.  Alicia seems to think that because her children are nearly adults, that neither she nor they need Jackie any more, but that may not prove to be true in the future.

Diane’s calling Will on the carpet for his behavior with judges and his affair with Alicia was priceless television. It became clear why her name comes before his in the firm’s name. She is older and wiser, and does not suffer fools gladly.

I don’t know how things between Cary,Kalinda & Dana will work out, but sometimes I wish they’d all get a hotel room and get it out of their systems.

Interracial Blind Dating-Horror Stories

I felt very gratified and consensually validated by this recent NY Times article about online dating. Racist, materialistic dating patterns abound!  (Yes. I already knew that, but it was still wonderful to see it publicly stated by people with several letters after their names).  Please see the “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” section of the article…

I wish I could send a copy of this article to “Stacy” the racist bitch I had the misfortune of meeting via “It’s Just Lunch” @ Puttanesca in NYC on September 3rd of 2009.

Basically, if you don’t have the wealth of Tiger Woods and you’re a minority male interested in dating white women, you’re likely to be out of luck.

Although I myself am of mixed race, with a white father, my experience with Stacy was almost like the one in this video:

Stacy is probably a relative of Amber B. , who appeared on “Bad Girls Club” in season 3 & who reveals her true feelings to a friend:

Yes. There is a LOT of undercover prejudice & racism that some only reveal in the company of their most intimate friends/family.

See also this Ask Carolyn column: