Random dating observations

Ok. So I had two lunch dates – one on 10/8/2011 & another on 10/9/2011. I didn’t think either woman was that into me and one of them emailed to tell me she didn’t think there was “chemistry between us”.  Although I can’t discount the importance of feeling chemistry between people, I have to wonder aloud- “Lady, you’re 42 years old, how much longer is your biological clock going to wait until you feel chemistry?” Or I silently muse, while smiling to myself “You may have chemistry with a guy on date number one and throw your shoe at him on date number 4” Or maybe the guy you have chemistry with on date number 1 will also have chemistry with three other women you know nothing about.

To those women who crave instant chemistry – let me ask “Do you have any divorced friends?” “If so, please ask them how reliable a gauge instant chemistry is for long-term commitment.


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