Three (Drei) by Tom Tykwer

The German movie Three by Tom Tykwer is a light-hearted, yet poignant look at the evolution of three different people’s concept of a committed relationship. Handsome Adam Born, (played nicely by Devid Striesow, who looks uncannily like a younger, blonder Anthony Stewart Head), has little trouble in seducing the committed, yet vaguely unhappy Hanna or Simon, without any of the three realizing until later in the film that each is involved with the other…

Devid Striesow

Anthony Stewart Head

T his is the first film I’ve seen with a male bisexual character in which the character’s sexuality wasn’t a “problem” either for him or for someone else in the film. Too many films have featured the bisexual male as the bad guy, the home wrecker, disease spreader, et cetera, so the focus on love, commitment, growth and change was refreshing to see. The director ends on a pro-polyamorous note, and seems to agree with the notion that ones love for a second and/or third party can paradoxically enhance/enrich your appreciation for a different partner. Indeed, the affairs that both Hanna and Simon had with Adam seemed to strengthen their own sexual and emotional bond.

The ironic twist of Hanna’s late life pregnancy with twins, which left the audience to speculate on their paternity was certainly contrived, but somehow fitting with the overall tongue and cheek tone which underlies all the drama.


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