No, u take 2 long to reply back almost an hour…. peace dude


I thought I’d share the stupidest response I’d heard from 2010 to a personals ad. Interested in meeting? No, u take 2 long to reply back  almost an hour…. peace dude.   What? You’re not thinking of candy and flowers? That’s funny, me neither. How seriously can this person expect to be taken if they expect a reply in under an hour every time he or she wants a date?  Isn’t part of  the reason texting and email exist is to allow asynchronous communication?

A runner up would be “I’m not really into facial hair.”  I’m sorry, but the last time I checked, facial hair could be shaved.  Just for the record, I had a mustache in the picture. A trim mustache. Not a beard or sideburns to the floor. Just a mustache. Presently, I have it almost completely shaved. How seriously are you looking for a relationship if you reject every person on the planet who USED to have a mustache??

I also have to ask the $64,000 question. What are these people doing to win MY favor, affections, or approval ???

The silver lining is that I didn’t meet these people face to face; which is a huge relief…

Dating to find a spouse is very different from dating to have fun and party. I’m looking for a wife and someone I’d think would make a good mother to my children.

Here’s some qualities that make the checklist:

1) Ability to place the needs of others before her own.

2) Ability to defer pleasure for practicality.

3) Ability to nurture others.

4) Low-maintenance. Does not except diamonds  or mink coats for every birthday and anniversary.

5) Independent. Able to pursue and fulfill her own goals without ever expecting anyone to hand her anything or treating others like they owe her something.

What are YOUR 2010 dates-from-hell stories?


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