The Gates-Finale

I am one of a depressingly few loyal viewers of this great show. First a recap, then an appeal.

The devious blonde bitchy witch Devon managed to get Sarah to poison Vanessa Buckley and get herself into a who boatload of trouble with the vampires on the Gates -and  not just Dylan and Claire.

The cliffhanger ending with Charlie acting like a red-eyed zombie with telekinetic powers, while Devon smilingly told those present, “I said I could bring him back, but I never said he’d be the same.” was just delish!  Who’s going to beat the crap out of Devon first? What is Charlie? Can he be restored to normal, and if so how?

PLEASE don’t let ABC-TV leave the audience in the lurch on these questions. They have to AT LEAST give us a wrap-up episode.

I simply don’t understand why the network couldn’t have sold the series to an interested party like Sy-Fy or TNT.



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