Lonely again -another year

Ok. So I hit the big 4-0 in July and remain single and childless. Although I’m a man, I feel some kind of inner clock ticking.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I’ve always felt that Thanksgiving was a more spiritual holiday than Christmas because it’s not about getting gifts, but about showing appreciation for what you have in life.  I’m desperately trying to remain positive and think of things for which I am genuinely grateful – such as my general physical health and employment status, but as another year draws to a close, I can’t help but feel an aching emptiness.

I’m sick to death of people assuming that I’m gay just because my closest friends are male and they’re the ones with whom I spend much of my free time.  I can’t stress this statement enough. I have at least two female co-workers who assume that my best friend is my lover. NOT IN THIS LIFETIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As much as I love David, we’re never, ever going to get jiggy with it as they used to say in the early 90s.

The dating prospects don’t look terribly bright when I read the personals. Anything that says something like “looking for prince charming” or “looking my knight in shining armor” send me running the other way. Should I place an ad saying I seek a damsel in distress with ample breasts? How many little boys under the age of 10 do you know who say they want to be princes or knights when they grow up? This is the 21st century – wake UP!   I look around at some of my sharp-tongued, harpyish female co-workers and find myself astounded that anyone would want to spend their lives with these shrews.  I’m fully expecting to hear about an impending divorce or separation, if not a murder.  I live in the NYC area, which is the bad attitude capital of the world, I think. I’m a very sensitive person, an HSP, as Elaine Aron would say, and have very little tolerance for diva-esque, controlling, or manipulative behavior. Offend me, and I’m very likely to want you out of my life, pronto.   Combine that sensitivity with a generation of women who can cuss like sailors – and you have one very lonely and single guy.

Anyone else who can relate?



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