The Good Wife-Shines in Season Premiere

We picked up where we left off last season with the fateful phone call from Will to Alicia. She’s about to approach the podium where her husband Peter is speaking as her phone ring. One of Peter’s aide’s takes the phone from her, who hands it to Eli. We see Peter leave two messages for Alicia, the first telling her that they should just “drop it” and return to normal, then second telling her that he doesn’t want to drop it and that he loves her.

Archie Panjabi’s Kalinda continues to entertain, as she spars with Scott Porter’s Blake.

Good – showdown with Judge Matchick, played by an austere Chris Sarandon.  Economizing on Kalinda’s time in conjunction with our recessionary times.


Stealth sexism and poaching? Jonas Stern wanted to take Alicia away from Lockhart & Gardner to work for him, and Derek Bond suddenly wants to mentor Alicia… Is it because both men realize how capable she is, not to mention how well-connected via her husband? Is the fact that she’s a very attractive woman make her some sort of legal secret weapon? The same could be said of Kalinda. Diane’s defection and the uncertainty of Alicia’s future location make this season all the more watchable.

New York Magazine’s Summary

LA Times Summary

Third part Bond has revealed his intention to buy out Diane en route to D.C. presumably to draw more clients to the firm. The office politics at the firm are as interesting as the impact of politics on the lives of the Florricks. Poor Grace was caught on camera defending her father’s dalliance with a hooker. Alicia is likely to pressure Peter to drop out of the race for the good of the family since living in a continuous media  fishbowl is highly objectionable to most parents.

This season, the stories have required more of an ensemble production with each talented cast member contributed to the drama. The sexual and professional tension between rival investigators Blake and Kalinda has been very entertaining.  So far, Michael J. Fox has been the most memorable guest this season, as a deceptively relatable rival attorney on a pharmaceutical company case.   This episode along with the one entitle VIP  have been my favorites so far, not only because  they forced the firm to pool its considerable resources, but because the outcomes were not predictable and yet very realistic.



One thought on “The Good Wife-Shines in Season Premiere

  1. Monex says:

    I have never ever wanted to watch a CBS legal drama before in my life but damn theyre throwing Marguilles and Baranski at me with a side helping of Mister Big and Logan from Gilmore Girls. ……I got this script with two that I expected to like and found myself enjoying it a lot more.

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