Rizzoli & Isles

Rizzoli & Isles is a new TNT offering which has helped keep Angie Harmon in the acting game, for which I’m thankful. Ms. Harmon candidly revealed that she’d just resigned herself to retiring from acting when this script landed on her porch (her agent lives down the street).

Angie Harmon is the rough and tumble Rizzoli in the equation, which is completed by Sasha Alexander’s more fashionable and demure Isle.

It was clever  having the serial killer rise up out of the body bag; letting our heroine easily get hold of a taser wasn’t. I would have prefer to have her stab him in the eye with a bobby pin or small sliver of plastic and then wrest the gun away from him, it would have been more convincing.

I’m hoping the writers will let Ms. Alexander get her hands a bit dirty too. She’s good at playing cool and cerebral, it would be interesting to see her outwit a killer.

In the first five episodes, we’ve seen a good onscreen chemistry develop between Harmon and Alexander, and I think this really helps sell the show. The weak spot is forcing Lorraine Bracco into the thankless role of the overbearing, curmudgeonly mother.  This is SUCH a waste of her talent…



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