True Blood-A Bite Out of the Future

I’ve enjoyed this show since its inception, but as it moves into a third season and is reported to have been granted a fourth, I have to wonder about the viability of actors playing immortal characters as they begin to age publicly. A prime example might be Kristin Bauer Van Straten’s Pam. Her makeup artist  and wardrobe consultant should be fired. This is a naturally beautiful woman who doesn’t need to wear ten pounds of makeup in order to say hello. Some of the outfits are funny, but they’re starting to look a bit over-the-top after two seasons. Do we really need a lesbian version of Kim Cattrall’s Samantha Jones? I have nothing against the actress who plays her, and think she adds much needed color to the series, but Pam’s look screams “older woman trying too hard to look young”. Just for the record: Kristin turns 37 this year. Alexsander  Skarsgard turns 34, Stephen Moyer turns 41. Can these folks play youthful looking vampires for another five or six seasons? I’m not so sure. Botox and surgery will only take you so far…


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