Nurse Jackie, Season Finale Countdown…

In the past few episodes, we’ve seen Jackie lying to Dr. O’hara about Kevin’s acceptance of her generous offer to pay for Fiona’s education. What will Jackie spend the money on instead? Those bills in Jackie’s locker provide some clue…Drugs? Yup.

Eddie Walzer returning to All Saints’ Hospital? It does seem a bit too predictable and convenient, doesn’t it? I liked having him start his own business in the same neighborhood and dating the younger, prettier, Georgia while throwing it in Jackie’s face. I feel sorry for Georgia who’s unaware of the emotional crosscurrents and involvements between Eddie and Jackie.

We know that Kevin knows about Jackie accepting the money – and based on the trailers for next week’s show – he’s spoken with Dr. O’hara and knows that Jackie’s a drug addict. We also know that some handsome stranger came to the hospital looking for Jackie; presumably to thank her for saving his life, but somehow that seems far too simple and straightforward for this show…Here’s what we don’t know: Does he want his stash back? Will he threaten and/or help expose Jackie? How will Kevin handle all the lies and the drug addiction by the end of the finale? Will he move out and file for divorce, and take the kids with him?

This show, and particularly this season, has shown us just how wounded healers truly are. Although most of the dysfunction centers around and emanates from Jackie (little surprise as the titular character), there have been more than ample signs that all is not well in the lives of Dr. Eleanor O’hara, Dr. Cooper,  and Dr. Eddie Walzer. Grace Akalitus’ character has been softened up a bit this season, which makes me think we may see her tackle personal issues next season.

Interestingly enough, the more Jackie seems to fall apart, the closer she wants to be to her family. When are we going to learn more about her own family upbringing??? Come on, writers!

LaTimes– Critic’s Notebook assessment of Jackie Peyton as a drug addicted character.

All things Nurse Jackie

How do YOU think it will or should end??


One thought on “Nurse Jackie, Season Finale Countdown…

  1. Raechel says:

    Totally agree — Jackie told both her husband and her best friend in the finale of Season 2 that she wasn’t “worth it,” essentially that she feels she’s “less than” others, dangerous, trouble, and that they should ditch her. WHY??? How did she get like this? My training as a psychotherapist tells me that the writers should explore Jackie’s family of origin to find out why she feels that she’s so worthless. Yes, in part she’s acknowledging that because she’s an addict she’s by definition not worthy, but her being an addict didn’t come from nowhere. I hope the writers start to probe Jackie’s background. Up until now, all we’ve seen is her created nuclear family: Jackie, Kevin and the two kids. She didn’t come from nowhere — where is the extended family??? The only one we ever hear about is Kevin’s sister, who takes the kids on occasion. Life and family is a whole lot more complicated than that…

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