V-the series 2009-?

I’m a late convert to this series, which has worked out well since I didn’t experience any lag time between broadcasts. (Courtesy of www.ch131.com)

First, let me say that I hope the lovely Morena Baccarin gets more starring roles and doesn’t fade away like predecessor Jane Badler . This character, named Diana in the old 1983/84 series is Anna here, and she’s everything you’d expect in a reptile dressed in top-model  synthetic skin & clothing. She could teach Machiavelli a few things. Want public sympathy & that of a specific person? Beat your daughter and have her legs broken, then have her taken to an FBI station and place her bruised face on television worldwide. Oh, and did I forget to add that you have to pressure said daughter into naming your political enemies as her attackers in order to get the public to help do your dirty work?  It almost seems like overkill that Anna has some kind of psychic power over nearly ever member of her species to make them feel “bliss”.

It’s interesting that this extraterrestrial, reptilian species is unable to feel “human emotions” with the exception of this quasi-religious rapture.  I guess we’re to assume that it’s a kind of psychic drug that helps Anna manage the emotions of other members of her species and adds to her already considerable powers of persuasion, not to mention duplicity.

The way she looked forward to her encounter with Ryan (a fine Morris Chestnut), whom she saw as merely a challenge to her duplicitous and psychic powers. “You killed her. Didn’t you?” Ryan accuses,  (referring to his lover, Valerie, who birthed his child) as he begins to choke her, she calmly removes his hand and replies that she and the medical staff have done everything to save her and would have succeeded had Ryan gotten to her ship sooner. She then cradles his face in her hands and emits the bliss inducing psychic state-symbolized by a burst of blinding white light-before introducing Ryan to his child. (Yes. Anna had in fact murdered Val, the baby’s mother.)

Casting a white female as the principal villainess and an African-American male as one of the heroes made me wonder whether  this was an oblique  way of tapping into Obama-Clinton-Palin tensions.

Other standouts in this series are Scott Wolf, channeling Michael J. Fox’s Alex P. Keaton as an ambitious television journalist, and Elizabeth Mitchell, whose adroit shifts of mood and persona would be even scarier if she were a reptile…

The resurrection of Joshua, played by Mark Hildreth was an interesting twist at the end, not to mention a brilliant set up for season 2. Will he be tortured for information or will Marcus, (a sinister Christopher Shyer )turn against Anna as her daughter Lisa is slowly doing. Marcus & Lisa were both seemingly pleased with Anna’s show of human emotion after learning that virtually all of her eggs were destroyed.

One of the underlying philosophical questions posed by this show is :How long can you pretend to be something that you’re not before it changes who you are? (Whether you’re an FBI agent pretending to be tolerant of the Visitors, or a Visitor pretending to be human).

V’s midseason return

Finale recap 1

Finale recap 2

Finale recap 3


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