The Good Wife – random thoughts & observations.

Unplugged -Kalinda! – She and detective Burton just about changed the rating of this show last night. If you thought the moment Will & Alicia had in Will’s office was hot – the animal lust that radiates from Burton (played with incredible menace by James Carpinello) will just about blow out your TV set. I’m amazed I haven’t seen this dude’s picture hanging up in the Post Office.   I’m glad to see they’re giving Kalinda a private life, though. When Burton finds out she’s bisexual, he’ll be panting even more heavily, asking to join in…

As far as Kalinda’s role in the firm, I have to agree with a co-worker of mine who pointed out that the firm is overly reliant upon her to find the Achilles heel of the opposing side, instead of proving themselves to be skillful lawyers. I liked it when Alicia figured out how a crime was committed when the sprinkler system went on at a certain time of the day, and the episode that had her son Zach help discover that a security guard’s story about doing rounds was bunk after reviewing the surveillance video. The writers should vary the solver of problems from episode to episode and show Kalinda doing other things/working on other cases. Introducing another investigator might be another interesting direction to go in, since the firm must have at least a dozen lawyers working there, each with impressive case loads.

Getting back to the titular character- was there really any doubt that she’d be chosen to stay on at the firm? It will be interesting to see how Will & Diane resolve the issue of third partner vacancy. (Vernon Jordan’s cameo as a potential buyer of the firm is a pleasure). I always felt they’d have to offer it to Alicia, and maybe Will & Diane would end up competing to see who can get the most out of Alicia in exchange for the partnership. Cary’s defection to Glenn Childs is no surprise since they had to keep him in the show somehow – every show needs a bad penny/villain…

This week’s case features some nice work by Paige Turco as Caroline Wilder who played a soon to be divorced wife of a rocker Max Wilder (played by Michael Laurence). I loved how quickly  judge Stanek (Peter  Gerety) saw through the arguments of both sides and took temporary guardianship of suddenly comatose Wilder.

I love this show, but have questions about it as well. As another poster asked – where are Alicia’s friends and family. Didn’t she go to school with anyone else at Georgetown besides Will ? And how about showing Peter talking to the kids for a change since he’s the one who’s now at home all day, he should be shown talking to/parenting this kids at least every once in a while.

Alicia doesn’t seem to be thinking of the implications of Grace and Zach knowing that she thought about having an affair with a man other than their father. Does Alicia really want them to think that marriage doesn’t mean anything and/or that they can go sleeping around with anyone they want to? Isn’t there enough damage to repair after Peter’s infidelity on this score??

Why exactly does Alicia need to work at SLG? She’s an excellent attorney – her husband has connections – I’m sure someone else out there would hire her.

Summary 1 -Good general summary with nice insights. Points out Alicia’s tendency to blow people off sometimes instead of listening.

Summary2 – Another fine summary by Ken Tucker.

Summary 3– Insightful commentary from Meredith Blake.

What do YOU think should happen next???


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