The Good Wife-Season 1, Episode -“Mock”

Clearly, the Will-Alicia romantic tug of war – needs to come to an end,or at least be back-burnered.  Diane wants a decision regarding the junior associate position. Alicia wants to look good in the eyes of her children and has backpedaled on her feeling towards Will accordingly.

Grace and Zach have the makings of lawyers/detectives themselves – they’ll cover up the truth and do just about anything to help out mom and dad and keep the family together.  They are ultimately successful, given support for their fabrications  and distractions by Anil, son of the building manager, and Elspeth Mann, another attorney in Peter’s employ. Does Alicia really think she can outsmart these two for long while working long hours?  (Notice how quickly she stopped playing the “tell the whole truth” game when quizzed about her relationship with Will).

This week’s episode introduced us to Giada Cabrini – aptly described by Susan Toepfer as “Becca, ten years older.” She’s  a she-devil and probably another love interest for Will. Ably played by Karen Olivo, she’ll figure into the season finale.

As for the resident detective, Kalinda’s background was slightly revealed today since her parents immigrated to the United States (legally, as she edgily points out) from India, we’re led to believe, as she becomes involved in Alicia’s “good deed” to save Simran, the manager of Alicia’s building, from deportation.  For some reason ( and I don’t see one other than sheer hormonal attraction) Cary tags along with Kalinda on her quest to track down the ringleaders of an identity theft ring, which involves Simran’s children, who are the true targets of the government agents’ attention.  Cary learns that Kalinda doesn’t speak Hindi -“where’s your cultural identity?” he asks smarmily.  Can we find him a steady girlfriend please? Maybe Giada can wreck his life so that Alicia can keep working at the firm…

Not seen thus far:  the rest Alicia’s family & friends. Where’s HER mother and father? Doesn’t Alicia have siblings? No friends from her past besides Will Gardner and that weak-willed ex-neighbor from her pre-scandal days? It seems odd for a show that focuses on the titular Good Wife, that it’s mainly her husband who has been shown to have a number of friends and family – we’ve seen his mother, Alicia has phoned Peter’s sister; when do we get to see her people??

Peter’s case continues to heat up slowly as one of his key witnesses, Gerald Kozko, has apparently committed suicide. I definitely think Alicia felt some guilt about this suicide, since she shifted her position from not wanting to know anything about Peter’s dirty dealing with Kozko to wanting to know everything, and since she’d just stuck her neck out to save her building manager from being deported. She’s not the kind of person be completely immune from guilt in the face of someone’s suicide. She knows the last thing she said to Kozko and that his last words to her were “help me”- and she didn’t. I’m not saying she’ll be paralyzed by guilt forever, but she’s likely to feel some for a while – especially as Peter’s case moves closer to a resolution.

Summary 1 -Wall Street Journal’s view.

Summary 2 – Great explanation of why I love this show.

Summary 3 – L.A. Times’ view.

Can’t wait for The Good Wife Season 1 Episode “Unplugged” next week. What do YOU think should happen next?

Any predictions for the season finale on May 25th???


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