The Good Wife – going bad?

The most recent episode (number 18, “Boom”) has Alicia playing a little dirty in the courtroom to rattle opposing counsel Jonas Stern, in order to let his mental deficiencies show to all the world.  She was also rather cavalier towards Peter, and did in fact utter the much played lines from the trailer “I don’t much care what you are…It’s over.” before walking out of the apartment to have dinner with Will…

I hope the writers take note of this – if you make Alicia a less likable character, people won’t want to watch her as much. Yes. Peter has his faults and should come clean with her about everything that’s going on with his case, but even before she saw Peter with Gerald Kozko, a real estate developer with incriminating evidence against Peter, Alicia was already unnecessarily frosty toward Peter’s pastor. Moreover, if she’s not willing to help Peter change when he asks for her help, than what does that say about her?

One thing I like about this episode was Cary’s role this time – he was disloyally loyal. He wined/dined and presumably slept with opposing counsel in order to learn that Jonas Stern wanted to hire Cary away from Lockhart & Gardner, among 11 other people. Cary quickly shared this information with Will, who with Diane called in Julius Cain, an African American attorney at the firm. The two of them matched Stern’s offer to him, in exchange for the names of the other 10 attorneys who were planning to leave Lockhart & Gardner. Diane & Will were planning to fire these ten and hire a few minority attorneys to make good on their promise to Julius. Will rewarded Cary with the loan for a condo.  What’s Cary’s angle? Is he so determined to best Alicia that he won’t leave the firm until he does?

Summary @ WSJ

Summary @ TV Fanatic

What do YOU think ought to happen next??


2 thoughts on “The Good Wife – going bad?

  1. Jayne says:

    sorry, as a viewer, I don’t agree. This slow burn tension has been building the entire season and this is just the first of many eruptions. As with many couples, they end up fighting over trivial things, and making emotional decisions instead of rational ones (like meeting a would-be flame for dinner).

    I think what you do not consider with Peter and Alicia’s storyline is that (a) she does not trust him yet, so anything he does is suspicious, and (b) she didn’t hear the conversation the stairwell, she just saw Kozsko leave, and assumes Peter was making deals in the stairwell and his religious conversion is just a false front to do political deals.

    You want everything tied up in a bow, but what makes the show so interesting is that nothing is tied up in a bow. Marriages that fracture from adultery take years to rebuild, most of the time with counseling, and this was a pretty a spectacular fracture in full view of the public.

    Peter is one of those characters who identifies with his job and he is at sea without his position in society. But regaining that position takes his energy away from repairing his marriage. Other than the absence of adultery, he hasn’t done much to repair his marriage.

    • andy2700 says:

      I am very well aware that there is a lack of trust between them. In response to your points, I would like to remind you a) Alicia already knew Kozko was connected to Peter’s case and probably had damaging information b) giving one another the benefit of the doubt as husband and wife is a very far cry from having everything tied up in a bow c) seeing Kozko leave isn’t enough to conclude Peter’s making deals and/or that his religious conversion is false d) the pastor did nothing to harm her and did not deserve to be treated rudely f) this shows Alicia came to that church with a negative attitude BEFORE she saw Peter with Kozko f) rebuilding a marriage is a joint effort g) whoever stops making that effort in the eyes of the children is going to be the bad guy or gal, like it or not

      I do agree; however, that Peter identifies with his job, as Alicia does with hers. As another viewer said, Peter may need to choose which to save;his marriage or his career…

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