Nurse Jackie – Meds, Beds, and Weird Heads

Ok. So Jackie slept with Eddie again. Anyone else see the insanity of action (given the notion that Jackie wants Eddie out of her life or at least out of her husband Kevin’s life)? It’s nice to hear her say that she was there because she liked him and not because he has drugs, but  why was she there at all unless the sex between was another kind of drug? It may be this in conjunction with the mere thrill of forbidden fruit; it seems that Jackie loves getting over on and outwitting others, so maybe this is yet another way to get her adrenaline running.

The importance of Eddie’s connection to Jackie’s drugs has been further undercut by the arrival of a bumbling pharmaceutical salesman. I’m sure Jackie will con this poor man out of an endless stream of feel-good medicine…

Kaitlin – this obnoxious little girl shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near Jackie’s children and I really don’t understand why she’s around. Can Grace really be that unpopular that she can only find tormentor who wants to abuse her and her sister Fiona to spend time together?

It’s good that Zoey isn’t pregnant since she didn’t want to be. It would be interesting to meet the guy she likes and/or his brother, which would add depth to her off-screen life and character. I’m still rooting for Lenny, the EMT guy to be her beau.  They’re a cute couple;)

Dr. O’hara is more interesting now that she’s a bisexual on top of being a blase dissolute sophisticate.  Julia Ormond adds oomph to any screen, and it will be intriguing to follow this story arc for the rest of the season.

Dr. Cooper needs another love interest. Or, maybe a crazed stalker who will make him rue the day he decided to have his picture plastered all over town…

Stay tuned, and stay in touch!

What do you think should happen next?

One thought on “Nurse Jackie – Meds, Beds, and Weird Heads

  1. The nurse can be sweet, sexy or controlling, or she can be all three rolled into one.

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