Good Wife – Good, but is there plenty to go around?

The episode “Heart” was one of the best in this standout series so far. Martha Plimpton’s turn as the hissable Patti Nyholm should indeed be remembered at Emmy/Golden Globe time. Will put being a lawyer into perspective in this episode – one is locked into legal battles that often impact the lives of others in very profound and unalterable ways. In this case, the life of a baby with a heart defect was at stake.

I’ve read some great summaries of the last episode, but I’m kind of wondering about the unseen and unspoken parts. Diane and Cary had very little screen time this episode.  Are  they going to do anything interesting in the last few episodes of this season?  According to, we will see Diane flirt some more with Kurt McVeigh (played by Gary Cole), but I’m not sure about Cary. Why can’t Cary and Diane have some sexual tension or at least work on a case together, isn’t he supposed to be her protege??  And I also miss Grandma Jackie!  And when is Kalinda going to have a love life?? Grace is also underdeveloped as a character, I feel, since she doesn’t seem to have any friends or boyfriends or much screen time with her parents. I hope the writers will at least add a line or two here and there to explain where people have been and what they’ve been up to since we last saw them…

One reviewer suggested (I think rightly) that Alicia doesn’t want to get involved with Will in part because of her children – their father just cheated and it caused so much pain for the entire family – how would it make them feel if their mother does the same thing? However; we must get more interplay with the kids to learn what kind of conflicts she has with them and which child she favors or with whom she has a more difficult relationship.

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What do YOU think should happen next?


One thought on “Good Wife – Good, but is there plenty to go around?

  1. Kat says:

    I think I’d like to know more about Alicia. So far I find the idea that this woman would stay with her husband for the sake of the children spurious. This father seemed pretty intend on destroying the children’s lives. And she has a a job, so doesn’t depend on him. I also want Kalinda to have a relationship. Knowing more about Kya wouldn’t hurt either.

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