Big Love – Season Finale…

Well, that’s all folks. At least until January of 2011, rumor has it…This was some horse and pony show…here are my random thoughts:

One of the things bothered me about the finale – how the hell could Bill have Tom & Jerry removed just like that when they’re equal partners???

Other things that bothered me? Let’s see – JJ managed to steal eggs from his sister, his daughter, and use them to impregnate his ex-mother-in law and tried to impregnate his ex-wife. His son Roquet and his sister Wanda knew about it and neither of them said anything until Wanda miraculously regained the power of speech in the last episode.

One of the most positive things about this episode was Barb telling Bill that she wanted a different life and that she didn’t think she needed him anymore.

I guess Margene now has ANOTHER polygamous family to live with, eh? Will another guy be invited to join?

I sure hope the writers don’t figure a way to keep JJ & his creepy wife Malinda alive- that would totally suck. Who in their right mind would get on the wrong side of Adaleen or Nicki?   I do wonder; however, who it was that intercepted JJ when Adaleen was chasing after him, and helped her to tie him and Malinda up.

When Marilyn Densham was in Bill’s office about to break down into tears – saying “you can’t do this to me…” I really felt like we lost a moment of disclosure – WHY is Marilyn Densham so emotionally invested in Bill’s future???  She can’t seem to stay out of his face and we weren’t given a reason why that is…

“I thought when people saw you, they really saw you, they couldn’t help but love you.” Remember what happened to Jesus Christ when he was loved by Judas Iscariot, Bill? Loving someone doesn’t guarantee good decisions or treatment – just ask your wives…

Although this season has definitely been entertaining to put it mildly, overall, I have to agree with the assessment of the Star-Ledger’s Alan Sepinwall:

Big Love Season 4 Finale Review

Mary McNamara from the L.A. Times has an interesting theory about why this season seemed so wild and wacky: the shows producers like all the cast members so much they wanted to give each character something interesting to do. You know what they say about too many cooks spoiling the broth?

Big Love Season 4 -Mary McNamara’s Analysis

What do YOU think happens next??


5 thoughts on “Big Love – Season Finale…

  1. Gene Solomon says:

    I have a question. So, I thought I heard Wanda say that JJ took her egg and put it in Adaleen. Does this mean when JJ caught Joey in Romans murder, that he told Joey and Wanda that they must give up Wandas egg, to prevent being exposed as prophet-murderers?

    That makes sense with JJ’s need to keep it in the family, and if I remember correctly, fits properly in the timeline with Adaleens pregnancy announcement.

    What do you think?

    • andy2700 says:

      This is one of those off camera things that requires the audience to do the writers’ work for them. I don’t know when JJ nabbed Wanda’s eggs – he might have had them on ice for years, though – he told her “I have something precious to you” in one episode – before the ridiculous Mexico detour. I suspect JJ had the eggs since he blew into town and had his eyes on Adaleen.

  2. designgirl says:

    We do know that Bill took a paternity test. Barb takes it from an envelope looks at it and tells either Nicki or Margie (can’t remember) “yes, it’s Bill’s” and they go over to Anna’s to confront her.
    Gene: I think you are on to it with the egg as blackmail.
    I can’t remember what Wanda sets Wanda off when JJ is packing up his “medical equipment”? She says, “But you promised.”

    • andy2700 says:

      I don’t recall any such scene with Barb – what episode was this?

      • designgirl says:

        I think episode 6. I recall Barb standing at the kitchen counter opening the mail and looking forlorn. Either Nicki or Margie comes in the back door and asks if “it’s his?” and she says further discussion about it though. But Barb is definitely looking at an opened letter when she speaks.
        (that or I’m hallucinating)

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