The Good Wife – will she be bad?

Ok. By now, you know I love this show immensely, but this week’s episode gave more examples of why. It’s an incredibly smooth ensemble production with fine acting all around. The way the Broussard murder trial was cracked – Will suggested probing the immigrant status of the wife as a reason for the marriage to a key witness, in order to secure her testimony. Naturally, it was tenacious and lovely Kalinda who suggested that they look into the disappearance of the $50,000 in order to crack the case.  The wife of the key witness happened to make a charitable donation of exactly $50,000 right after the murder, thereby acting as an agent to conspiracy. This situation supersedes the spousal privilege that prevents one spouse being forced to testify against another…

Peter and house arrest. We could see he was going stir crazy. He has now hired Eli Gold  (hilariously played by Alan Cumming) to help him uncover who and how he was set up on corruption charges.  Gold promptly informs him that he’s under investigation by the FBI after glancing at a picture saved by junior detective Zach.

Given the previews for tonight’s episode the Good Wife may very well be bad…her flirtation with Will Gardner could jeopardize her potential partnership with the firm as well as her job in general, not to mention her marriage. I’m rather disappointed with the decision to move the show in this direction, since I’d rather see her reunited with her husband and have them fighting crime together – a Remington Steel/Thin Man for the 2010 generation.

Another Summary of “Bang” episode of The Good Wife.


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