Big Love Jumps the Shark

As FaceBook poster Marian put it:

“How much crazy can they pack into one hour?!?!? Adaleen preggers and Nikki not, Margie married to Goran, Marilyn in with the protesters, Lois using a machete to cut off Hollis’s arm!!! Whew!!!”

This was definitely the episode when all semblance of reality faded away… What drug(s) have the writers been taking lately?   Adaleen is pregnant from one sexual encounter with JJ, which happened after their marriage in last week’s episode. Adaleen has to be pushing 60, no? She’s Alby’s mother as well as Nicki’s. The rapidity with which she got pregnant is absurd. It’s equally asurb to me that either Nicki or Margene would want to have another baby. I thought Margene was re-inventing herself as a career woman. Doesn’t she  think being pregnant might interfere with her onscreen appearance??Nicki doesn’t have her hands full with JJ/Caralyn, Bill and her other two children? Barb now insists she’s also a “partial mother” to Ana’s child? I might see this coming from Nicki, she was compound-reared, Barb was not.

Several viewers criticized the severed arm sequence since they (and I) think it unlikely a woman of Lois’ age and stature could cleave through bone so quickly and easily with a single machete strike. I initially thought she’d stabbed him in the back, which would make a lot more sense for someone behind a threat to one’s child to do than to chose to maim someone.

The Marilyn Densham story is about the only thing that seems plausible and very interesting lately. It’s wonderful to see Sissy Spacek in this mildly villainous role.

One of my co-workers thinks the Margene/Goren/Ana storyline could morph into a potential romance for Margene and a re-kindling of affections between Ana and Bill. It’s not the way I’d want the story to go, but I think it might be an improvement over the schlock of the last episode. We agreed;however , that another possible angle next season is that Goren tries to divorce Margene and lays claim to some of Margene’s earnings as a high-powered saleslady. It could also provide Ana leverage against Margene & Bill if Barb and the other wives try to force themselves into the life of Ana’s child; Ana & Goren could move away within the U.S. and insist on unsupervised visitation with Margene’s kids unless Bill & the wives back off on trying to parent Ana’s baby. It may also come to pass that some combination of these storyline’s emerge only to result in Ana’s baby not being Bill’s at all, but that of the man seen leaving Ana’s apartment in the previous season.

In any case, the writers need to get back to creating more credible, fully developed and original story lines instead of giving the impression of having plumbed the depths of Soap Opera Digest from the 1980s. Seriously, a group of stoned freshman students in a creative writing class might have come up with the latest episode, if not better. Message to HBO: Don’t insult your viewers’ intelligence if you want to keep your audience.


2 thoughts on “Big Love Jumps the Shark

  1. Johnny says:

    I miss the kids in the show. Wayne was one nutty kid and always adds to the comic relief

    • andy2700 says:

      You’re bring up an excellent point. Why haven’t we seen the reaction of Nicki’s other children to their newfound sister -Caralyn? Why don’t we hear about how the children on the show are treated by their peers at school since they have been exposed as polygamists in the past?

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