The deathless Tiger Woods Story

The Tiger Woods story – the one that would not die…

I’ve actively avoided most accounts of this story and have commented on the media’s obsession with it in a previous post.

I think Mr. Woods said it best himself – “Every one of these questions and answers is a matter between Elin and me, issues between a husband and wife.”At no point during the unfoldment of this so-called news story did I believe, nor have I heard valid evidence to suggest that this was the business of total strangers.

Critics griped about him not taking questions from the press, but the only ones he needs to answer are from his wife and from himself.

Veronica Siwik-Daniels – this alleged mistress claimed that she was owed an apology by Tiger Woods as well, because she “didn’t deserve any of this.”  Has anyone asked Ms. Siwik-Daniels who placed  her in front of the cameras in on 2/19/2010 ? Could she not have simply gone about her normal daily activities or holed up inside her home and refused to listen to the endless circus that is the Tiger Woods story?   It’s not clear to me what she feels she didn’t deserve -if she really was his mistress and he really did tell her that he loved her – she was still well aware that he was married and had no reason to expect him to leave his wife. If she’s upset about the media spotlight, she needs to stay out of it. Thankfully, the other alleged mistresses don’t seem to have this difficulty.

Do we need another snowstorm in Washington, DC or another major earthquake to turn attention away from this non-story?


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