“Bad” in re The Good Wife

Although there’s forward movement in Peter’s trial, I found it rather dull, despite the “Amber Madison” cross-examination – I quite agree with Peter’s lawyer who said’ “we’ve had quite enough of Ms. Madison.” Glenn Childs’ offer to Peter was interesting, inasmuch as it revealed a certain vulnerability on Childs’ part. It almost seems like Mr. Childs want the entire matter to disappear, which begs the question of why. I can only think it has to do with the cases that were not prosecuted in the wake of Peter’s absence. I have long wondered whether someone else – other than Mr. Childs has been pulling the strings all along…hmmm…

I couldn’t believe Peter asked Alicia whether she ever wanted them to be together again. WAIT A FEW MONTHS AFTER YOU’VE BEEN LIVING WITH HER BEFORE ASKING THAT! Duh!

Alicia’s reluctant involvement with the murder case of  Colin Sweeney (smarmily played by Dylan Baker-who reminded me of William H. Macy in Edmond) was interesting, but it seemed clear from the beginning that the amoral, flippant, and dissolute Mr. Sweeney lacked the focus to execute a carefully calculated scheme like murdering someone, disposing of the remains and cleverly framing someone else.

Diane’s plotline disappointed me when there was just a cat behind the door. Having her shoot someone or have a struggle would have brought this episode to life -(BIG HINT to screenwriters).  Underusing Josh Charles and Christine Baranski was one of the bad things about “Bad.”

Summary 1 of “Bad.”

Summary 2 of “Bad.”

Summary 3 of “Bad.”

New York Magazine interview with Archie Panjabi (Kalinda).

I wish someone would explain to me why Alicia hasn’t asked Peter why he fired Kalinda. It doesn’t make sense that no one has expressed any interest in this…

What do you wish would happen on this show? Please leave a comment.


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