Big Love strikes again…

Well, Bill’s having trouble on the campaign trail…His daughter’s being accused of baby-napping by the woman his wife Barb hit by accident with her car  – and Bill’s being investigated by the INS and has to explain why some extra names show up on the payroll…What does Bill do? He throws his friend Norm under the bus by having him confess to placing the extra wives on the books in order to get health insurance. Oh, and did I mention that his son Ben is fatally attracted to Bill’s youngest wife, Margene? What to do? Ben starts packing, Bill walks in and Ben tells him that he thinks it best that he leave for a little while, Bill cooly replies that he was thinking the same thing and walks out the door.

I can’t give Mr. Bill father or husband of the year awards, I’m afraid. On the one hand I do feel that he should have tried to talk to, and perhaps  more importantly listen to Ben more  sympathetically, on the other hand when a father has an adult son hot for his pretty young wife and both parties admit to an attraction – there aren’t a whole lot of options except to stop the attraction one way or another, or end one or both of the relationships – distance is often involved.

Margene’s on-camera implosion surprised me a bit, and I wonder whether she’ll just be fired or soar in popularity or both -as in she’s fired then the public clamors for her return, via that “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” maxim.

How about Alby’s stalking behavior? I just love how he’s playing dumb Dale. He’s packed Dale’s bags for his guilt trip in re the Junniper Creek affair – and taken insurance with that candid photo of the two of them in bed in the last episode…

J.J. and Adaleen?  I must confess that I didn’t see that one coming. Is this to team up against Alby or ? We know J.J. is a power hungry little bugger, but he’s talking to Joey and trying to get him to play some kind of higher role on the compound.  My money’s on Wanda and Nikki killing J.J. off at some point 🙂 Didn’t you just love their little commiseration scene, right after Wanda skinned herself with a knife, thinking of her sweet brother’s demise?

Jodean? Well, there’s a quiet rebel…she was pleased as punch that the birds Lois and Frank planned to sell escape, and previously she looked very anguished when Lois was scolding Frank about being a good father to Bill…Yes. I think Miss Jodean is rethinking Heavenly Father’s plans for them all…

What do YOU think will happen next?

Another fine summary…


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