Big Love

This insane tv show about a Mormon man in Utah with three wives is endlessly fascinating because of all the nuances of the exponential relationships that ensue as a result of all the in-laws times three…
The latest episode featured, among other things – a more than maternal kiss from Margene to Ben – another romp in the hay for Albert -with his state-appointed auditor – of whom he happened to take an incriminating photo of while in bed together – not sure how this will play since Albert’s in the photo too – Lura won’t like it much, neither will the 10,000 folks at Juniper Creek who don’t look kindly upon homosexuality…a co-worker suggested that Alby could simply cut his face from the picture or airbrush the eyes & nose out of the picture-Dale’s wife would know the bed was not theirs…Albert also hallucinates that his dead father’s talking to him…Sissy Spacek’s guest turn as a sassy political wonk was a delight – her character definitely put Bill in check…

The past few episodes and, indeed, the past season have made it clear that the children of deceitful, scheming, treacherous parents often have  children of the same ilk – take a look at Nikki and Alby’s parents – Adaleen and Roman Grant – need I say more?  Or Bill Hendrickson’s mother and father? Cara Lynn quickly announced to the police that her mother had a gun in her purse…sound like J.J or Nikki style behavior to you?

Speaking of J.J. – is he going to blackmail Joey & Wanda or turn them in? I’d go with blackmail since I think he’s a serious power-tripper. What does he have of Wanda’s that’s precious??

Yes. This is a soap opera all right, but boy can these folks act and the writing is just superb, if not downright funny at times – who thought Ben would end up exposed on camera as Margene’s beau??

Check out:

IF you search for chloe sevigny big love clips  on google videos – you’ll see why she’s been nominated several times and finally won. – brilliant summary of the first episode of the season with very keen insights. – she’s always been one of my favorite characters on the show and this blog is a hoot…

What do YOU predict will happen this season????


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