Current News items that piss me off…

Ok. Here’s the latest set of things in the news over the past couple of weeks that have made me want to scream.

Rush Limbaugh & Pat Robertson on Haiti. Why do we pay Rush Limbaugh $400 million dollars  again??  Why do we give him air time? Similarly, Conan O’Brien gets paid around $40 million plus to walk away from the Tonight Show. How many people could we provide with health insurance using that money?? When I hear how we’re paying Limbaugh $400 million, Howard Stern $500 million, and O’Brien $33 million for him and  $12 for his staff- (just to NOT do a TV show, mind you), and then I hear Republicans and various pundits tell us we can’t afford national healthcare, I start looking for the nearest blunt instrument and hope there are no witnesses.

Senator Scott Brown -(ugh!) won largely because of the backlash against the Democrats’ healthcare reform plans. Who can explain to me why it’s ok to spend billions on Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of national security, but not ok to spend billions on national healthcare?? Why is it ok to raise tens of millions of dollars to help Haiti, and take care of Haitian children here in the U.S. on the taxpayers’ dime but not ok to raise such an amount or spend taxpayers’ money to care for our own children?  Now, please don’t think I feel that the Haitian people don’t deserve our help – they absolutely need all the help they can get – and probably more, but why can’t the American people get some of this compassion and charity without being slammed as socialists and liberals??  This demonization of health care reform seriously needs to stop.

The conservatives and Republicans talk about how it would raise taxes, but what they must know and I don’t is that health care costs will remain stable or decline if we’re not paying more in taxes. They must also know that lower taxes will give everyone more money to spend on anything they like instead of paying for health care, education, and the other rising costs of living. They seem convinced that if you and I pay less in taxes, we will be able to take that money and party in Rio. I really need a Republican accountant and income tax preparer this year… – Double standard?  – No. But since you feel the need to comment…

The inability to distinguish between stating the obvious and tacitly approving of segregation is staggering. It blows my mind how Republicans and conservatives are trying to spin this into a “double standard” on the part of Democrats. These Johnny Comelatelys to the party of diversity and equality think they have any moral authority on the topic of race just because they appointed an African American as RNC chairman in 2008???  I seriously don’t think so.

Too bad folks don’t want to fork over the money for universal health care in this country – is it such a bad think to want to be able to see a doctor without having to worry about going broke?? Prescription drug prices are too low or something? I don’t get it…


One thought on “Current News items that piss me off…

  1. beinganddoing says:

    Well said! It’s nuts that we can’t get this done!

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