Good Wife-another dynamite episode…

Family really is often the best to look after family. Molly, a nanny hired by Alicia to look after young teens Zach and Grace is initially competent -she informs Alicia that Zach and Becca, his older, oversexed girlfriend are in the living room at Molly’s insistence. Good move, but then later in the episode, Zach and Becca are in his bedroom and oversexed Becca is desperately trying to seduce Zach-younger sister Grace reports this to Molly who replies “He just needs some privacy. I don’t want to infantalize him.” SAY WHAT??? Grandma Jackie has a stroke almost on cue, but her reservations about Molly are indeed proven correct when Alicia learns that Molly has suggested to Grace that she get a shot to protect her against a sexually transmitted disease. Grandma sometimes DOES know best…

Zach and Grace aren’t toddlers or young children, so it’s really a bit unreasonable to expect that a stranger off the street is going to command their respect right away (although Grandma Jackie didn’t do that well at quelling their computer argument). Why can’t Alicia find a nice chess club for Zach and/or some project for Grace? Keeping them cooped up in that apartment is no good. Supervised activities would be better.

Another question that came to mind when Alicia visited Peter in prison; where is Alicia’s family? She mentioned having informed Peter’s sister of Jackie’s stroke, but what about Alicia’s own mother and father and/or siblings? We haven’t heard a peep about them and we should considering all the strain Alicia’s been under.

Ah, the lovely Kalinda (superbly played by Archie Panjabi). Whose side is she really on and why did Peter fire her? It was wonderful to see her in action this episode and these and other unanswered questions should keep people wanting to see more of Kalinda.

This of course, leads to Peter’s appeal. When will he, Alicia, and company blow the lid or Glenn Child’s machinations (if indeed he’s the master puppeteer…) ? When will Peter return home? Will he and Alicia stay married? Stay tuned folks…

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2 thoughts on “Good Wife-another dynamite episode…

  1. E says:

    That’s a great point about after school activities. We never see that, and of course they would have them. They’re a high achieving family, if nothing else, and you need those sort of extra-curriculars to get into college.

  2. Admin says:

    nice info…thanks for visit 🙂

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