Terrosism 2010 – why there are no easy solutions…

Lest the Republicans think they’re the only ones worried about national security, I thought I’d bring up the topic here.

What are our weakest security leaks?

According to various exports’ reports online and in the news – they are:

A recent BBC article reported on a Slovak police test of the security system involving planting of explosives on innocent Irish passenger. I’m going to sound alarmist here, but this does raise the possibility of corrupt officers planting/fabricating material/evidence to railroad anyone they or those in power happen to dislike at any particular moment.

A National Geographic show to be aired on January, 10 2010 will deal with protecting the US. borders against illegal entry into the country by immigrants and terrorists. Smuggling is a huge threat to our national security, and I found this report quite interesting. Of course, the Government has the security checkpoints conveniently detailed.

As you know, the human factor being weak in the security chain was recently reported regarding the Ft. Hood, TX case.

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