Good Wife-one of the best TV shows around…

Despite the ripped from the headlines set-up ( à la Eliot Spitzer), the Good Wife , a Chicago-oriented legal drama which debuted last fall, has dynamite, original writing and great acting. One of the things I love most about this show is that it’s multidimensional. Each episode peels away another level of the onion to reveal personalities, politics, motivations, allegiances and the crosscurrents thereof.

The episode of 1/5/10 made it clear how Will Gardner is a womanizing manipulator who sees the fairer sex as pawns in a game. Alicia’s value to him? She’s someone he could potentially manipulate and use to undercut Diane, maybe even potentially replace Diane if the opportunity arises… Alicia’s value to the firm? She handles the public well. But make no mistake, this episode made it clear just how much of a chess game the entire legal process is – for example, if the wife of your political enemy is pissed off at him, maybe the advantage will go to your side at trial…Want to win in court? Know which judge has which political leanings and push his/her buttons accordingly…

Here are some great links about the show:

  • Cary’s Corner-Played by Matt Czuchry, this is a blog detailing cases related to the most recent episode – sharpen your pencils legal eagles!
  • New York Times blog-Great articles/analyses from the New York Times.
  • Money Watch– interesting economic perspective on this show.

One thought on “Good Wife-one of the best TV shows around…

  1. E says:

    Thanks for those links, that’s awesome! Nice to meet a fellow fan.

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