New Year, yet certain issues remain – How to move forward?

So, now that the terrorism fear is back, what do we do about the specter of racial /religious profiling? What do you think about race relations in general? Race and religion are the two greatest divisive forces we have.

Personally, I think there’s a lot of self-segregation and unspoken uneasiness and distrust in the tri-state area. I particularly notice this on the dating scene- the “you’re dating a what??” kinds of looks and comments.

What do you think about comments that race isn’t an issue anymore or that it’s being used as a distraction?

Here are some recent articles from around the web on this:

  • Article 1 – Recent article on this from Christian Science Monitor, of all places;)
  • Article 2 -C.A.I.R. expresses concern…
  • Article 3 – Salon’s collection of articles on the topic of race.

Let me know your thoughts/experiences.


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