2009- a look back…

Yes. This has been one crazy year…Jon & Kate Plus 8Adam LambertCarrie PrejeanChris Brown/RihannaTiger WoodsCharlie Sheen all made news – whether they should have or not…

Biggest movies of the year? Star Trek, Avatar, Up, and Twilight.  Of the four, Up is probably the closest to “high art”, with Star Trek & Avatar trailing narrowly behind.  Twilight’s critics don’t seem to get the point that this is the kind of film that needs to be accepted on its own terms. It’s a romanticized view of teen love with a supernatural twist designed to ride a wave of pop culture. It’s the kind of film you go see for pure entertainment as a guilty pleasure. One person I know knocked the film’s dialogue- you don’t see a film like Twilight for great dialogue – HELLO?!? – Go see a film adaptation of a Shakespearean or David Mamet play if you want great dialogue. And no, we’re not watching the Redgrave or Barrymore families acting, ok?? Night at the Museum was never meant to exemplify the art of filmmaking at its finest, and neither was Twilight, so get OVER it. Geez…

Precious was also closer to high art, but I don’t think it was nearly as big a film as it should have been.  Like Armored, Brothers and Invictus, there were many films I thought were competently executed, but somewhat forgettable-(Invictus largely because most Americans have forgotten apartheid South Africa and aren’t into rugby in a big way).

Law Abiding Citizen started off well, then slipped down the credibility slope…

Both Oprah Winfrey and Tyra Banks are leaving their talk shows. Oh, well… Nothing against them, but I rarely watched either in recent years and there’s plenty of folks in the wings ready to chew our ears off…

Michael Jackson died. THAT was so freakish and yet somehow anti-climatic – we all somehow knew he would go down in flames one day – just couldn’t say where and when…

Karl Rove got divorced. Rush Limbaugh went to the hospital. Couldn’t happen to nicer people. Yes. There is some schadenfreude present…

Other looks back:

  • Review 1 -Yale’s Daily news reviews the decade.
  • Review 2 -Newsweek’s review of the decade.
  • Review 3 – Washington Post’s blog has links to several others plus viewer’s comments.
  • Review 4 -Yahoo’s Decade in Review.
  • Review 5 -Refdesk’s compilation of reviews!
  • Review 6– New Yorker’s books of the decade.

And let me publicly thank Arianna Huffington for her wonderful 2009 summation!


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