Ok. So now there’s a few things in the news that piss me off…

Ok. So now there’s a few things in the news that piss me off… Northwest Airlines 253 bombing attempt? Can someone tell me the purpose of a watch list if someone on it is allowed to fly freely without additional security screening??? And don’t you love how the airline authorities teelgraph their blows by letting everyone know that bathroom and blanket usage will be restricted during the final hour of flight? Hello??!!! Who’s to say the attempt won’t happen during the FIRST hour of flight- especially now that every fucking terrorist in the WORLD has heard how we’re now going to restrict things during the LAST hour of flight?????

I also love how the media have identified the chemical involved, and pointed out how useless metal detectors are…gee, think anyone involved in a terrorist network won’t make use of this information? Think someone won’t figure out how to bribe the right person or plant the right person within the security force just to launch a successful attack?

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Message to Janet Napolitano – FIRE YOUR PRESS SECRETARY NOW! If you plan to keep your job… Who lets this woman speak to the press???

The Tiger Woods cheating scandal has to be one of, if not THE most overblown stories of the decade. Tiger Woods has cheated on his wife. With whom? How many times? With how many women? Where did he meet them? What sexual postiions were used? Are there pictures? – WHO THE FUCK CARES??????


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