Hello world!

This blog is for my brasher alterego – Andy X.  Here you’ll find my thoughts on sexuality, culture, politics, the workplace, and pretty much anything else that interests me. In real life, I’m pretty shy and retiring. Here’s where I get to let it loose…

So many pet peeves, where do I start? Let me say that I’ve been a registered Democrat for two decades. If that bothers you, you need to read a different blog. Not that everything that every leader or member of the Democratic party has been wonderful in my eyes, but the Republicans are simply not a viable option, in my opinion.

Healthcare? Supposedly 53% of Americans oppose reform. These pollsters never spoke to me. I would have skewed the results the other way by at least 3-4%. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE WHO OPPOSE HEALTHCARE REFORM??????

Oh, I know, we should pay for prescriptions and other procedures. So what if it bankrupts or potentionally kills a few people who can’t pay? That seems to be the Republican healthcare plan, ladies and gentleman. The very idea that all Americans should have access to affordable healthcare! Simply outrageous socialistic/verging on communistic propaganda…

Would someone kindly send the medical bills of the poor to whoever agrees with the preceding statement, and garnish his/her salary until those bills are paid???

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